Hello world!

31 01 2007

My first post ever and let me tell you, this is going to be one entertaining blog.  Reading my exploits in the kitchen will make you feel very good about yourself, and confident that you are a better cook than me.  Case in point:

I’m making soup.  Soup is easy.  Soup is pretty forgiving.  I’m following a recipe.  I’m good at following recipes, or I like to think I am.  In the recipe it calls for “crostini.”  A very fancy italian word for croutons.  Great, so I go buy some bakery bread, cut it thin (like it says in the recipe) and toast it, right?  The toast goes in the toaster oven, and the results are in the header picture.  If you can’t see it, here it is again:


Wow.  Smoke (but no fire) pours out of our poor longsuffering toaster oven, causing my six year old to cry out in fear that I’m burning the house down.  This is not unfounded, but that’s another post.  So I try again, this time setting it lighter, but once again my eye strays from the toaster oven a bit too long:


Ugh.  On the third try I get it (kind of) right and I only have to throw away one piece of toast.  The result of the dinner is here:


I know it doesn’t LOOK appetizing, but it was in fact quite tasty.  And it was pretty simple to prepare as long as you know how to make toast.

I had been toying with the idea of this blog for a while now, and after tonight’s dinner I knew it was meant to be.