He had me until he added the rabbit kidneys

4 02 2007

Gordon Ramsay has had about 20 TV shows, and I must admit I’m kind of addicted to him. My favorite has always been his Kitchen Nightmares show because it’s more than cooking, it’s about running a business. And Gordon’s blind taste tests kill me. Rule #1: If you’re blindfolded and Gordon Ramsay asks “Is this sirloin or porterhouse?” he has most likely fed you lamb or pork.

I’ve made at least one meal from Gordon’s F-Word show, and it was a resounding success, and I think the sauce lends itself to more applications than just chicken breast. My favorite part about F-Word is when he actually demonstrates how to prepare the entree. I’m the kind of cook that, especially with sauces, needs to see it done first or I will ruin it. In my opinion the most important words in any cooking show (or cookbook for that matter) are “You’ll know when it’s done when…”

Rabbit fricassée with tagliatelle

This recipe looks really good, and he had me until the end when he finished off with the rabbit’s liver and kidneys, served pink in the middle. I don’t care if they’re supposed to be pink, I wouldn’t eat it. So the dish as a whole looks very good, and I’m considering it cooked with a whole chicken instead. Karen agreed. She likes the look of it, but holy cow Gordon those organs do not look appetizing.



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5 02 2007

Oh my word, I’m with you there. I just watched it. I was thinking, “Hey that actually looks quite yummy!” ~ Except for the fact I would need to still send hubby out for a morning chase to actually GET the rabbit.~ And then of course somehow get those organs out without chopping off a finger. Then he added those nasty delicacies at the end? Gross! I would try any number of recipes to gain experience and expand my taste buds but I never have ANY of the ingredients!!!

5 02 2007

Shame on you Shelly. There’s not a single thing there that you can’t get at your local supermarket. Well, except for the rabbit. Not even my local butcher has that, but I will happily cut up a whole chicken instead. Or perhaps duck would work just as well.

Tell you what, I’ll actually make this for dinner tomorrow and tell you how it went, ok?

5 02 2007

Only if you eat the liver and kidneys! 😉

5 02 2007

And take pictures to prove it. (Not that I don’t trust you….)

5 02 2007

Not a chance

7 02 2007
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10 05 2007
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27 07 2008

Ha – I found this site searching for “rabbit kidney.” I’m watching this episode right now, and I wondered whether anyone actually ate that. My reaction’s about the same.

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