My Ungracious Wife

7 02 2007

Well, I went and did it.  I made that rabbit fricassee dish, but not really.  I used so many substitutions that it probably tasted nothing like what it was supposed to.  The recipe for the dish is here, and here are my substitutions: 

First, Gordon called rabbit “a kind of gamey chicken.”  Fine, I used a whole chicken.  I poached everything but the wings, and if you foolishly try to reproduce my efforts I’ll tell you not to poach the legs, but go ahead with the breasts and thighs.  I used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon because the bacon in the supermarket was 98% fat and it was too cold to go to the butcher.  And can you believe that the supermarket was out of heavy cream?  I used light cream with a pat of butter, so you can see where this is going.  I like cremini mushrooms better than buttons, so I used them. 

The rest of the recipe I pretty much followed, and I must say this is the second time I’ve used the “poach then brown” method for chicken breasts, and it turns out juicy and delicious every time.  The sauce is another story.  Everything was going swimmingly until I added the cream and butter.  It got nice and “cafe latte” brown like he said on the show, but it wasn’t really thickening.  So I used more dijon mustard than he said (probably triple) and it thickened nicely.  Except now it tasted very much like a mustard and mushroom sauce.  For future reference, the amount of mustard in recipes is probably enough, and you (I) should find a different thickening agent.   The results are here:


Karen made the salad, which tasted better than the chicken:


Karen said the chicken tasted “okay,” and she was really in the mood for something spicy like a Thai curry.  What, is she pregnant again or something?  These Gordon Ramsay recipes are involved enough that you don’t want to hear words like “okay” or “not bad.”

So I suppose I’m at least living up to the name of this blog.  It probably would have been great with just the 1.5 tbsp of dijon, but there I am, ruining it at the very end.  Karen did choke down her entire portion.  Well, I hope this was entertaining.



5 responses

7 02 2007

So it tasted OK huh? After you slave for a couple of hours all you get is an OK? Karen, shame on you! LOL

I’m certain that it did not taste that bad; too much mustard adise.

7 02 2007

*aside even

7 02 2007

Okay, but maybe she was just trying to ensure that you did not triple the mustard content on your next substitution spree? How would you feel if you’d made this again and again, only to discover when you’re both 60 that she’d hated it for 30 years? She was actually doing you a huge favor.

7 02 2007

I don’t think I was really that ungracious. I didn’t “choke down” my portion. It actually wasn’t too bad. All I said was that the sauce needed a little Thai red curry paste, that’s all! It would have been PERFECT then! 😉
– Karen.

10 02 2007

Bravo to you Mark for giving it a shot!

Think of it this way…no one ever talks about Edison’s 50,000 “failures” before his discovery of the battery or his 2,000 failed tests before he found the right filament for the light bulb! His failures led to great success! 😉

You KNOW I’m only kidding.


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