What I did wrong this past weekend

11 02 2007

Where do I begin, there’s so much to tell.

First I bought a pot that was approximately three times as big as we needed:


Okay this thing is going back to the store.  See, they didn’t have the 8qt. pot in stock, so I got what they had, and well, you can see it’s way too big.

Let’s see, what else.  Oh yes.  Karen was working this weekend, which means 1-5pm and I was in charge of dinner.  I was in the mood for burgers, so I told her that was for dinner.   On my travels Saturday afternoon I took the boys to Burger King (more on that later), and only later did I realize that I had just given them for lunch what I was going to make for dinner.  Hmm.  

So here’s Karen’s point of view.  She leaves to go to work, thinking I’m making burgers and oven fries for dinner.  She comes home and I tell her “um, no, actually YOU’RE in charge of dinner tonight because I messed up.”

So of course Karen made  a scrumtuous dinner and of course the boys cleaned their plates without any coaxing from mom or dad.



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12 02 2007

I gotta know… HOW after screwing up did it become HER job to make dinner? And how did you get away with that? Not only would it have been my job to take care of dinner… I would have had some other “make-up” task tacked on the end of it. 😉

12 02 2007

You tell him, JayMonster! No wonder I don’t have time to update MY blog!!! I got my revenge, though. I made something SPICY for dinner!

12 02 2007

Hey, JayMonster, whose side are you on, anyway? You’re creating marital discord here! Where are all those comments telling me what a great husband I am? Come ON people, help me out here!

12 02 2007

You’re a great husband, Mark…how’s that? Have to ask though, why does Karen have to miss out on burgers because you bought the boys some at Burger King????

By the way…keep the pot. With three boys eventually you’re going to need it anyway. Besides, you never have to worry about boiling over! And just think, you can now safely boil an entire rabbit…COMPLETELY intact!!! 😉

13 02 2007
Daddy Forever

For me, it’s hunting down all the ingredients that kills me. I’m fairly certain that there is a secret section in the grocery store that women know about, but us men don’t. As a result, it’s very difficult for men to find all the ingredients on our list. Or the right size pot in your case.

13 02 2007

A rabbit, Shelly? I could put one of the kids in there. Maybe with some bat eyes and snake tails

13 02 2007

Well I was going to suggest the kids first but this is however a cooking blog so I thought we’d stick to the task at hand. (hehe)

13 02 2007

Isn’t that the same size as Alton Brown’s pasta pot?

Also, I think that it’s awesome that you have a picture of your pots sitting on the couch. If pots watched TV, I wonder what they’d watch. Hmm.

By the by, did you guys go to Ice Fest? A bunch of my friends and I did, and we had a most excellent time.

13 02 2007

JayMonster – I have to admit, your response was the same one I had originally, but seeing that I’ve already been dubbed by these two “Mean Old Auntie Dawn”, I figured I’d keep my trap shut. (For once)

13 02 2007

I’m staying out of this one for sure!

13 02 2007

Yes, Lawrence, learn from my mistakes. And what was my mistake here? Promising to cook dinner.

18 02 2007
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