Why I like winter

14 02 2007

Remember snow days as a kid?  Waking up and seeing the snow, then hearing that school was cancelled?  Karen never got to experience that, but my soul rejoiced at the winter storm that hit us this week.  Snow all day Tuesday, freezing rain overnight, then more snow Wednesday morning.  Since Karen had to work this past weekend, this week’s schedule is very welcome:

  • Monday: 9-5
  • Tuesday: Left at noon
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: 9-5
  • Friday: OFF

Friday was a scheduled day off, we just got lucky this week.  It’s nice to catch a break like this every now and then.  Aren’t you glad we don’t live in Trinidad?

For pictures of the kids playing in the snow, click here.



3 responses

14 02 2007

Am I glad I don’t live in Trinidad? “NO!” First of all, who wouldn’t love to have hot sunny weather almost all the time? And beautiful beaches nearby? And let’s not forget having an average of 2 public holidays per month! I would take Trinidad over Pennsylvania in a heartbeat!

14 02 2007

Who needs snow days when you get tropical storm days?

14 02 2007

First of all, on snow days you don’t have to worry about your house blowing away.

That being said, after digging Karen’s car out of the snow I’m ready to buy a house in Tobago.

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