Indisputable Visual Evidence – Burger King hates parents

18 02 2007

Remember my post about taking the kids to Burger King last week?  Opening the kids meals for Isaac and Jonathan I was greeted with this:


This just screams “Super Bowl,” doesn’t it?  Tell me, Burger King, who is supposed to think this is cool?  Granted, the boys were interested in these marketing gimmicks for at least two minutes, but I could have thrown them in the trash that night and no one would have cared.  Burger King has officially crossed the line; they are no longer pandering to kids, they are simply giving them a commercial for Burger King.  Not that a happy meal toy ever got much play time in our house.  I take that back.  Our boys still play with those Super Mario action figures that we got a year or so ago. 

Anyway, I did end up making the burgers.  There are few things in this world better than a bacon cheeseburger.  I did, however, decide that I shouldn’t cook burgers in the house, ever, even with a cast iron skillet.  It just produces too much smoke, but the results were very good.  At least I didn’t burn the house down.


Don’t ya just miss the BBQ grill right about now?  I really wish it was summer.



One response

20 02 2007

That toy is enough to give me nightmares!

I’m not brave enough to do burgers except on the grill. I don’t even need a cast iron skillet to make smoke when I try to grill indoors…;)

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