…stupid flat fish

20 02 2007

Flounder was on sale.

You see it coming already, don’t you? 

It’s surreal to watch an episode of Good Eats and then see that very ingredient on sale in the store the next day.  Apparently flat fish are easy to ruin, so who should make this?  Should it be Karen, who is a very good cook and grew up on an island, or Mark, who has never prepared fish before in his life?

 See it coming yet?

I’m not sure what drove me to this recipe.  Probably because it’s rolled and therefore I thought it looked sushi-esque.  Karen gave the “OK” meaning she probably knew from the outset that this poor fish was doomed.  Everything went fine until I cooked it.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to cook fish with a “basting liquid,” for lack of a better term.  Maybe it was more like a high-temperature braise.  Whatever.  Can you say overcooked?  Ick.  While eating it (at least it was edible) I told Karen “Well, the filling is nice.”  Her response? “No it isn’t.”


Oh, I forgot.  These overcooked, soupy flounder rolls were supposed to be served on a bed of wilted spinach.  Remember the duck?  It has become painfully obvious to me that I have no idea what it means to “wilt” greens.  Apparently, this isn’t how you do it:


…because that was just nasty.  I didn’t even try it.  Karen did (my wonderful wife), and instantly regretted it.

The kids ate their dinner though.  Breaded and fried flounder made by Karen and it was delicious (so I hear).



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21 02 2007

You know, at least you TRY. You actually inspired me this weekend. I made cornish hens (which had to be put back in the oven b/c they weren’t done when I cooked them as per the recipe – apparently ruining dinner is genetic) and soup! Tomato and roasted red pepper soup. Actually came out very nice.

Keep trying. Soupy flounder rolls – sound delicious!

21 02 2007

Now you’re making me hungry for soup. I wonder what soup I could make tonight. And yes, isn’t it funny that when some recipes tell you to take stuff out of the oven, it may or may not be lethal?

21 02 2007

Yes, and then you have to imagine the insipid look on Dan’s face after I literally slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon, and he said “mine’s not done”. Well boo hoo, blondie. Almost threw the freaking hen at his head.

One knows one has gone overboard when the children say, in unison, sitting up straight at the dining room table, “Your dinner is delicious, Mommy”. Guess they didn’t want their plates hurled at them, like daddy.

21 02 2007

Yes, Isaac is not above sucking up either. He has been known to walk into the kitchen saying “What is that wonderful smell?” To which I reply “Thank you, what do you want?”

21 02 2007

Personally, I think “wilted greens” is an acquired taste, as I find them quite nasty.

They are not difficult. A little oil and constant turning until the BEGIN to wilt (about 3 minutes for spinach), the wife loves it… me, not so much.

I have to admit though, I never found Flounder particularly difficult to prepare… maybe I just have lower standards of what “good” is. 😉

22 02 2007

Long John Silvers is advertising what they say is a great flounder…Just a suggestion. 😉

Hehe…Kidding….JUUUUUUST kidding.

22 02 2007

OUCH, Shelly. ouch. And this after my great advice about visiting Trinidad.

22 02 2007

Yes that WAS good advice. I do happen to have an aversion to anything that contains the word “flame”. Can’t be soothing to the innards! Ok so I guess I owe ya one. hehe.

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