The Missin’ Rhoda Blues

1 03 2007

A song for my brother in law’s girlfriend.  They came for a visit during Christmas, and over three weeks she played with Jonathan nonstop. 


Now, a month and a half later, I still can’t even drink my coffee in the morning without being dragged upstairs to facilitate some elaborate make believe play time, and he makes me do all the work.  For you, Rhoda:

I told her “Don’t leave me,” but Rhoda, she couldn’t stay.
“I can’t live without you.” but the plane just took her away.
I call her at night and say “Please, Rhoda, come back today.”

Auntie Rhoda’s gone, and now Jonny won’t leave me alone.
She played with him so much, and I begged her “Don’t go home.”
I can’t even drink my coffee, can’t even sit on my throne. 

That Rhoda she left me, she left me high and dry,
She got on that plane and left, and with tears I said goodbye.
Please come on back Rhoda, I need some babysitting tonight.

I’m hiding in my bedroom, then I’m hiding in the tub,
I’m hiding in the basement, and then I hear “Daddy, come wipe my bum!”
That Rhoda she left me, she left me high and dry,
Please come on back Rhoda, I need some babysitting tonight.

It would sound a lot better with BB King on vocals.  Imagine him singing it.  Jonathan says hello:




3 responses

2 03 2007

Rhoda is very amused. I feel for you though; like you do not have enough to do without Jonny pertering you to play with him!!! Rhoda has put together a reply for you too, which she will post in due course.

2 03 2007

Rest assured, Rhoda, that one day Karen and I will visit you and before I leave I will fill up your kids to the top with candy and red bull.

2 03 2007

Dear Mark, I feel for u…..really I do….but here’s how my version goes..


Little Jonny boy sat on the vent,
Wishing that he could have a chocolate cent,
He says, “Can you play with me,”
How can you not be a sucker for his every need.

So every morning when I wake,
I think about what little Jonny ate,
With Hulk, Spiderman, Venom and the thing,
Maybe we could take them into the ring,
From puzzles to cocktails mixes to battle land,
I wish I could be holding his little hand.

I wish I could be there,
But Lawrence needs me here,
My apologies Mark,
For leaving you in the dark,
Next time Jonny asks,
And you see his little spark,
Just smile and laugh,
That Auntie Rhoda left her mark.

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