I’m #1 for Trinidad cooking

7 03 2007

I’ve seen some blogs where they list interesting search strings that bring people to their site from google or yahoo or somewhere else.  Some of those are very entertaining, and it makes me think that my blog must be kind of boring.  But yesterday I got my first hits from people looking for doubles recipes.  And when I went to Google to investigate I found out some interesting things.  Here are some search strings that I’ve noticed, followed by my ranking on Google for them:

The top 10 returns are on the first page.

“How to make Trinidad food”  – #1
“How to ruin a dinner”  – #6
“Farting shampoo bottle”  – #2
“Invisible pizza”  – #10
“How do you get the burned taste out of soup”  – #3
“Farting daddy”  – #3
“Gordon Ramsay rabbit recipe”  – #2
“Mario Batali pizza peel”  – #7
“Invisible string”  – #8
“Bara recipe for doubles”  – #8
“Invisible string trick”  – #5
“Bara for doubles”  – #13

I included two variations on “invisible string” because I get more hits from that search string and its variations by far.

Karen is offended that I am the #1 google hit for “how to make Trinidad food” since I’m not from Trinidad and I’ve only made one Trini dish, and even that I’ve only made once.  Maybe if she posted about making channa and potato roti, or perhaps how to caramelize brown sugar to make Trini stewed chicken she’d be #1.

I’m making pizza this Friday again.  Let’s see what state I can make it look like this time.



4 responses

7 03 2007

Damn… I’m sorry. Work has been crazy and I haven’t had an opportunity to search for the pizza recipe yet. Sorry about that. Good luck with this rendition!

8 03 2007

I had to try that search myself; and really find it very surprising….and slightly disturbing. I can only assume that there are not that many trinidad food refrences online. LOL.

Good luck with the pizza!

8 03 2007

My favorite, by far, is “farting daddy.” Your father would be SO proud. You obviously haven’t mentioned your hairiness or you would undoubedly be #1 for searches for “nasty shoulder hair”.

Your loving sister.

8 03 2007

Yeah for Mark!

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