Don’t laugh or your pizza will look like this too.

11 03 2007

I was excited about pizza night on Friday.  This time I started singing the Molto Mario music at about 3:00.  And for all you people looking for the theme music, I’ll find it I promise. 

Not content to ruin just one kind of pizza dough, I wanted to use a different recipe.  I found this one from my friend Mario.  Anybody that puts wine in the pizza dough is cool in my book.  I didn’t have the wine, though.  When a recipe calls for a specific wine from Italy, I probably shouldn’t use cooking wine from the grocery store.  So I brought out my Pizza Margherita recipe from before, and the results were about the same.  I used Mario’s pizza sauce though, and it was yummy.  To recap:

What I used:
Pizza Dough
Pizza Sauce

What I wanted to make:
Pizza, Mario style

 What I made:



Let’s get a good discussion going.  What states do these pizza outlines look like?  And here’s a map to get you started.  And why are pizzas supposed to be round anyway?

If you’re interested in what went wrong, keep reading.

What Went Wrong…? 

I think I may be using the wrong yeast.  Mario says to use cake yeast, and I’ve been using active dry yeast and letting it rise longer.  Apparently there’s more to it than that.  I also kneaded it a lot longer than last time and I thought I saw the “baker’s window” but seriously I have no idea what I’m looking for, and yes I’ve seen what it looks like.  It seems to me that bread, dough, and baking in general is something you need to do to learn.  There’s only so much you can learn from a tv show.  Or maybe I’m just stupid.

Here’s what happened.  I made the dough, kneaded it for fifteen minutes and let it rise for about an hour.  I then cut it into thirds, kneaded them into rounds, and let them “rest” for another half hour.  At this point the recipe says to make your pizza, but the dough didn’t like that idea.  We had a heated discussion (me and the dough) and lots of obscenities were exchanged between us.  I never knew Italian food could swear like that.  So I went upstairs and cursed at the walls a little bit, but in the meantime something interesting happened.  The dough gained some elasticity while I was upstairs teaching my kids new vocabulary words. 

The first pizza to go in the oven didn’t get this extra “resting” time, so it came out looking like Iowa, and was approximately one inch thick.  But I had better luck with the next one, since it had gained some extra stretch.  So I quickly kneaded the last one and covered it for a while, and that one stretched pretty well too. 

For those pizza experts out there, keep laughing, this is where I got my epiphany.  What that dough needed was to rise twice and then rest so I could stretch it into pizzas.  Maybe I should be using rapid rise yeast.  

Sounds like I need to try again, and don’t worry I’ll take more pictures.



9 responses

12 03 2007
Daddy Forever

I agree, why do pizzas need to be round? That’s why I used cookie cutters to give them really different shapes.

Your pizzas look like one of those rectangular shape states, like Wyoming, Iowa, and Colorado.

12 03 2007

I really didn’t do very well in Geography…so sorry Mrs. Hopkins, so I have no clue what states they could look like. However I will say, it’s all about the taste. It’s what’s INside that counts, right? If you closed your eyes I’m sure you wouldn’t know the difference 😉

12 03 2007

The middle one does look a bit like Iowa. Topography of the pizza too hilly for the real thing, though.

12 03 2007

I thought they kind of looked like Iowa, Alaska, and maybe Arkansas, in that order. And Shelly, I included a link to a US map for reference.

12 03 2007

As far as I’m concerned, once they don’t look like a map of Trinidad, and they are edible, you’re pretty much ok. And boy do they look yummy;

12 03 2007

OK, but am I the only one who thinks that the pic Mark has at the top of the page looks at first glance, like he’s sauteeing frogs? That right there is a leg. That’s an eyeball…..

12 03 2007

And, while I’m critiquing, what’s up with the great big pizza pans and itty bitty pizza’s? Reminds me of Robin Williams from Aladdin. “Colossal cosmic power. Itty bitty living space”.

(You asked me to post more.)

12 03 2007

yes, well, if the dough had been stretchy enough it would have filled the pizza pan and (hopefully) would’ve been round as well. Pay attention!

13 03 2007

Actually, the pizzas tasted pretty good – I think that’s more important than what they looked like, right?

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