Look how great I can boil water!!

18 03 2007

See, I don’t ruin everything.  In fact, I’m very good at boiling water.  Here’s a picture of me boiling some potatoes, and I even peeled them!


See?  I can do two things.  Here are some things that I can totally do with boiling water:

  • make mashed potatoes
  • cook pasta
  • peel wallpaper
  • steam vegetables
  • make soup
  • steep tea
  • sterilize baby bottles
  • burn myself

Okay, I don’t do the last one on purpose, but I do burn myself on occasion, so I suppose it counts.  I did make dinner on Saturday and Karen liked it: 


Thanks Mario for the dinner and the wine.




5 responses

19 03 2007
Daddy Forever

You are a talented water boiler, Mark. I too have a water talent. I can nuke water to make instant coffee.

19 03 2007

Ammmm…..would you mind telling the rest of us what exactly is on that plate. LOL

19 03 2007

You mean you’re not more interested in what’s in the glass? If you must know, the plate has chicken avellino, cooked in the sauce with lots of red bell peppers and mushrooms and serrano chiles. Yummo.

19 03 2007

So, what were the potatoes for?

19 03 2007

The potatoes were for potato cakes served with geera pork.

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