The field trip

22 03 2007

I really enjoy my Thursday mornings.  Jonathan is at preschool, and it’s really my only big block of time alone with Ben.  I like to go do things, but I also like to come home and veg with the boy.  Jonny also goes to preschool on Tuesdays, but Ben’s got physical therapy that morning at 9:15 and I’ve got to have the house clean; it’s not particularly relaxing.

So imagine my dismay when I realize last night (10:30pm) that Jonny’s preschool class has a field trip this morning.  At that point I have two options.  I could do the right thing and take the two of them to the old folks’ home, or I could use this as a sick day and pretend there is no preschool. 


Why do preschools go visit nursing homes anyway?  Is it to teach them, at that young age, “Hey, one day you’re going to put me in one of these, pick a good one!”

And another thing.  I don’t usually look at those monthly preschool newsletters as thoroughly as I should.  So what happens?  There’s Mark showing up at 9:07 or so (my usual arrival time) at the preschool door, only to have the teacher tell me “No, Mark, we’re meeting at 10:00 at (fill in the place here).”  So what they’ve started doing is telling me about the field trips the day before, to you know, “remind me.”  Except it’s usually the first I’m hearing of it.  They probably took bets last night on whether I’d forget again.

The first field trip of the year was to the pumpkin patch in October.  I still didn’t know anybody, certainly not by sight, except I could recognize one of the teachers.  I got to the pumpkin patch 1-2 minutes late, and found the group.  We went into the patch and they started passing out plastic bags to the kids for them to put their pumpkins in.  They are completely bypassing Jonathan, pretending he’s not there.  I think to myself, “This is odd.”  I also don’t recognize any of the names of the kids.  I looked up at one of the parents and asked, “I’m with the wrong group, huh?”  The answer was swift. “Yes, sir, your group is back there.”  oho.  Isn’t it nice to be around mommies that have it all together?





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22 03 2007

So, did you go do the old folk’s home thing or not? At least they give you more than 2 days’ warning (were you to read the newsletter, that is). Favorite thing in our school district is – we’re having a party tomorrow and every child has to bring in 1100 buttons made from old bones that they’ve whittled themselves – and you stay up until 3 a.m. making/baking/buying/schlepping whatever is needed. Or, as we are want to do, simply ignorning it and having our children tell the teacher, with an aplogetic look on their faces as if it’s something to be endured and they realize they are neglected, “our mommy works”.

22 03 2007

I wouldn’t do it either, but Karen would. I’d have the kids tell the teacher “Our daddy doesn’t care.” Yes we went to the nursing home. We arrived 15 minutes late, there was nowhere to park, and apparently the program was only a half hour long. Had I known that I could’ve slept in.

22 03 2007
Daddy Forever

Ha! That’s funny. Following the wrong group. You know, sometimes it feels like other mommies are not as helpful to daddies as they could be. We’re not part of the mommy club.

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