Wallpaper is evil

25 03 2007

I’m making slow progress on the dining room.  After about 12 hours of steaming the wallpaper is finally off, and on Saturday a very good friend with a lot of tools came by to help me put up the crown moulding.  I asked for his help because he has the tools, and he’s also quite a perfectionist.  It took longer than expected because I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been, but I gotta admit it looks great.


This is why wallpaper is evil.  Tearing off the wallpaper did expose a crack in the wall behind it.  I think I can patch that.


I’ve now got the cold Karen had last weekend, so I suppose I’ll be bedridden tomorrow.  I’m such a pansy when I’m sick.  So I’m taking this opportunity to sponge off the last of the wallpaper glue so I can patch some holes, and finally get to painting.  That’s the fun part.  I’m also very good at it.  For those of you who don’t know about my last painting project, here’s a picture:


Yes, a full gallon of primer fell on the floor, upside down.  Karen had just said “You shouldn’t put the paint can on the rung of that stepladder.”  What does she know?



6 responses

25 03 2007
Daddy Forever

Ouch! It took us forever to remove wallpaper border. I would have to burn down the entire room if I had to remove whole wallpapers…you do seem to have a talent for painting…the floor. I always worry I might spill the paint bucket, but have been lucky so far.

26 03 2007

As long as you learn from your mistakes (and permit us to laugh at them) it is fine to make them. I remember getting a phone call right after you’d spilled that paint. You were SO HAPPY! It’s looking good, though! Dark dining room will soon be a thing of the past.

26 03 2007

Hey, how come I don’t get any credit for the wallpaper I removed? 😛

Also, while the primer that you spilled on the floor was quite messy, the floor looks quite nice now!

27 03 2007

Yes, Aliyah helped immensely by stripping the wallpaper off the biggest wall in the room, and that progress inspired me to finish the rest. Thank you.

27 03 2007

What about some credit for me? I spoke to the wallpaper very sternly during my visit! No doubt that was why you had such an easy time removing it.

27 03 2007

It must have been the smoke from your clothes loosening the glue.

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