“Sun” Days

27 03 2007

You know how sometimes you get the day off from school, just because there’s too much snow and the roads are dangerous to drive on?  That makes a lot of sense, they don’t want school buses crashing or parents causing accidents picking their kids up from school.  I always loved snow days when I was a kid.  You got the day off, and on top of that you got to go sledding and snowball fighting.  There was nothing cooler.

Except I think I’ve got a better idea.

Why do we have to save up our vacation or personal time to take when the weather is lousy?  Why isn’t it acceptable for people to skip work on a nice day and go to the park instead?  You’re right, you’d get fired.  What we need is an organized system, and I think I’ve got it:

  • “Sun” days would be announced by the school district in the morning, just like snow days.
  • Everyone working in the school district would also get the day off on a “Sun” day.  This would encourage people to work in the town where they live.
  • “Sun” days would be reserved for days with clear skies and high temperatures between 70 and 82F  (that would be 21-27C for you metrics).
  • “Sun” days would not count against personal time or vacation days.
  • If a “Sun” day falls on a Friday and it’s supposed to be nice all weekend, Monday will be cancelled as well.  This will encourage people to take weekend trips with their families and will also stimulate the economy.
  • There will never be a “2-hour delay” due to Sun, however there may be early dismissals.  It’s always better to leave work early than go in late anyway.  Early dismissals could be announced using air raid alarms in the center of town.
  • There will be no less than two “Sun” days during each of the following months: April, May, September (go ahead and make one the first day of football season), and October.  There will also be one in March.
  • Every four years February 29 will be declared “Groundhog Season.”  Sorry, but the limit is 1 per household.  This will encourage families to hunt together. 

Think of going to the grocery store the night before a really nice day and finding that they’ve run out of chicken, steaks, charcoal, BBQ sauce, and beer instead of boring milk and bread like they do before snow days.

Perhaps I should start writing my posts before midnight. 



4 responses

27 03 2007
Daddy Forever

I agree. And why must people get paid more when they get older? I think we should get paid more when we are young so we can enjoy our money. When you are old, well, you’re too old to really enjoy the money and you’re too old to do all things you wanted to do when you were young. Sun days and money when you are young, now that’s a great combo.

28 03 2007

Yes! High paying entry level positions for new college grads, so they can pay off their student loans before their kids go to college.

28 03 2007

What a fantastic idea! I always thought that there weren’t enough public holidays here in the U.S anyway. This would help to offset the holiday deficit and make it seem more like Trinidad (where we averaged 2 holidays per month!)

29 03 2007

I agree wholeheartedly. I also think that all courthouses should be closed when it is just too nice of a day to be cooped up indoors.

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