Ever done anything stupid before your coffee?

3 04 2007


See what I did this morning?  Yes, I put whole coffee beans are in the coffee maker.  I wonder what the coffee would taste like if I actually made it like this.  A while ago Karen bought a coffee grinder, and I was very excited.  But here’s what they never tell you about grinding your own coffee: it adds an extra step to your morning ritual.  If you’ve been making your coffee with your eyes closed in the morning like me, sometimes that little addition to the morning routine causes confusion. 

You know what else they don’t tell you when you buy a coffee grinder?  For two weeks you gotta do math in your head before your caffeine fix, and your coffee will probably suck until you get it right.  Monday’s coffee will have the consistency of mud, Tuesday it will be brown water, Wednesday it will come out in clumps, Thursday you’ll make a pot using your last little bit of ground coffee because you really can’t afford to fall asleep that afternoon, and Friday you’ll go to a coffee shop.  Finally you decide how you like it, and so you take a blowtorch (maybe a class 5 laser) and mark the level on the coffee grinder so you will never have to count scoops again. 

The only down side is that now you need at least one eye open to see the mark.




5 responses

4 04 2007
Daddy Forever

I never do anything stupid with my instant coffee. Wait, once I forgot to heat up the water. Cold water and instant coffee just do not work well together.

4 04 2007

LOL!!!! Hilarious… So funny but at the same time, somehow, I feel a bit of sadness over the possibility of a delayed cup of coffee. Every minute DOES count. Coffee is a vital part to any day…

4 04 2007

well, I did try to mix chocolate in with the coffee beans in the grinder…

wife.imp has browbeaten me: Two cups of water per one scoop of beans (whole or ground)

5 04 2007

Too much work. We set the coffee pot in the evening and it gets up before we do. There in nothing better in the world than not having to wait for your coffee. (I think there are pots you can buy that will wake up before you do, grind your beans, and then make the coffee, all before you wake up.)

9 04 2007

I solved this by purchasing a “Home Cafe” system that brews a single cup at a time. I use for two separate problems. One, when I only have enough time for a cup, and it doesn’t make sense to make a whole pot. The second “problem solver” is that I make a cup this way for instant gratification and drink that while brewing a full pot.

I also encountered one additional problem, that perhaps doesn’t affect you. When grinding beans, I had to take into consideration whether I was going to wake anyone up with the grinding the beans. I had at times when my daughter was small to wrap the grinder in a towel in an effort to muffle the sound a bit.

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