For my next trick I will burn water

9 04 2007

We went to my sister’s house over the weekend so Monday evening we had precious little food in the house. Round about 5:00 I went through the kitchen to see what we have. We had a red and a green bell pepper, garlic, three bunches of green onions and some freshly grated parmegiano regiano from last night (Karen made fettucine alfredo). Add to that the ground beef in the freezer and a jar of Prego and I said to myself “Spaghetti!”

Normally spaghetti isn’t really worth mentioning. Isn’t that what we make when we have nothing else to eat? That’s what I thought until I burned the bottom layer of noodles.


That’s it, I can’t even make pasta correctly. Anyway, the spaghetti turned out well and was delicious. I’m not just saying that because I was starving at the time either. The kids had apples with their dinner since they don’t like spaghetti sauce. Who doesn’t like spaghetti sauce?  Green onions and parmesiano reggiano for added yummyness.


Yummy, huh?




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10 04 2007

Still better than I could ever manage….although, there was this one time I was forced to make curry chicken in Antigua.

10 04 2007

“Who doesn’t like spaghetti sauce”? Bryson doesn’t like spaghetti sauce. Glad to know he’s not the only child on the planet. Won’t eat pizza either.

10 04 2007

my imps both dislike red sauce on the noodles. Which kinda sucks as that leaves two of us to eat enough for 7 (this is the amount i learned to/and still do/ cook for..

11 04 2007

I was shocked to come home and find dinner already made! Hooray for spaghetti and sauce!

11 04 2007

Actually being the Italian that I am, pasta is a “scheduled” meal around here and not just “when you don’t know what else to eat.” But then again… Burned the pasta?

I’m guessing the words “Al Dente” mean nothing to you? 😉

But anyway the results still looked fantastic.

11 04 2007

yes, I like my pasta al dente. And my apologies to all you Italians out there (congrats on the world cup) for my attitude towards spaghetti. I have been watching lots of Mario Batali and cooking from his cookbook, so some of my other Italian dishes are a lot more thought out.

11 04 2007
Michele B

O.K. showoff that looks too good for a scraped-together-what-we-could-find-in-house-last-minute meal. Maybe watching all those cooking shows is really paying off after all….

12 04 2007
Daddy Forever

How in the heck do you burn spaghetti noodles? Don’t people usually cook spaghetti by boiling the noodles in water?

12 04 2007

It takes talent, people! Hence the title of this blog.

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