I still don’t know what “light & fluffy” means

15 04 2007

Happiness on a small white plate:

yum cookie yum

The boys and I made these Sunday afternoon.   Karen was working and I decided no TV, so we made cookies.  Is there any cookie better than chocolate chip?  I certainly don’t think so.  Isaac and Jonathan enjoyed measuring out all the ingredients, and then licking the spoon afterwards.  They turned out delicious, but I never really know when I’ve reached the “light & fluffy” stage.  I turn on the hand mixer and let it go until I figure it’s been long enough, but it’s all guesswork and hoping on my part.  And cooking shows are no help.  It goes something like this:

Guy on a cooking show: “See how it’s light and fluffy?”
Me: “no.”

So there you have it.  As bad as I am at cooking, I’m worse at baking.  Imagine what this blog would be if I started making desserts often.  How funny would that be?   It seems, however, that cookies are truly foolproof, because I’ve never ruined a batch.

Famous last words



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15 04 2007

The cookies are EXCELLENT, which is a pity. I won’t be able to walk past them without eating 2 or 3, and my waistline will suffer. I am glad that SOMEONE had fun this afternoon because I sure didn’t!

16 04 2007

Well, “light and fluffy”. In Sweden we say “vitt och pösigt”, (white and puffy)

16 04 2007

Best way to figure out if it’s light and fluffy is to pick up a tiny bit of it and squish it between your fingers. If it feels light, it is.

16 04 2007

You know, if you left the cookies in 2 minutes too long…

17 04 2007

They look great to me! And there really is no cookie like a chocolate chip cookie….And a glass of milk! Although I don’t think I’ve EVER beat my cookies that much with a mixer…I try to be as gentle with the dough as possible and only user my mixer if I need to and on the lowest setting. Maybe I’ll try it this way next time.

17 04 2007

Wow, taking cooking advice from me. Good idea. Here’s what to do: Close your eyes and count to four thousand or so and say “That’s probably enough time.” And at the same time keep your kids from eating all the chocolate chips before the batter is made.

18 04 2007
Michele B

It’s keeping ME from eating all the chocolate chip cookie dough that’s tough, in fact I think the dough is so great both raw and baked I put in just as many chips as necessary to technically still be able to call them chocolate chips.

On a totally different tangent (and because I don’t have my own website and use yours) I discovered how to make ghee (clarified butter) this past weekend and would like to share something I learned. To make ghee you have to boil butter (unsalted 1 lb) for some amount of time (most recipes DONT say and just say “until scum stops coming to top and butter underneath looks clear and golden” – yeah thats precise). I had 3/4 lb unasalted butter and decided to try. It went ok and I think it looked like they said. One recipe said to pour through cheesecloth into container. I turned off heat and looked for container. I poured through cheesecloth and turned to wash out pot. As I glanced back at the sturdy little tupperware container sitting on the counter I noticed it bizarrely sagging on one side and not realizing for a moment the physics of hot oil vs. plastic was shocked when hot clarified butter suddenly burst all over my counter and over edge (thankfully the dishwasher door was open and kept liquid butter from making it to floor). So Michele’s tip for making ghee…let butter cool first before cheesecloth step or use glass. Now does anyone have any tips for getting mass amounts of grease out of a dishwasher???

18 04 2007

Not sure about the dishwasher, but I can tell you this: Alton Brown explained how to make clarified butter on “The Fungal Gourmet” episode, and I’d trust him to explain it right.

How disturbing is it that I knew that?

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