Glutton for punishment

17 04 2007

I’m running behind on the dining room project. Topping that, there’s something else I need to do by April 28. It’s just a painting project, so hopefully it won’t take very long. I promise, there’s no wallpaper to remove. Actually, there was some patching of the wall needed, but I’ve done that already.

What lovely drapes!

This entry / stairwell is actually the first thing you see upon entering our house. Come in the front door (That’s it on the left, below), and you are greeted by another door and a flight of stairs (don’t ask). Choose wisely.

Which door to choose?

Go up the stairs and you’ll see a big ugly wall that probably hasn’t been painted since 1957. The walls and the ceiling are the same color since it’s very hard to reach up 20 feet to the ceiling. I’m going to try. I bought ceiling paint and everything. Here’s hoping it doesn’t look like a three year old painted it when I’m done.

Going up and up and up..

Can you believe we’ve been living here for three years and we haven’t done anything to this hallway yet? Can you see why we’ve been putting it off? Hey, another thing. One room, three different wall materials, maybe more. Going up the steps, wall to the right is plaster, wall in front is drywall, and wall to the left is plywood.

I love old houses.



9 responses

17 04 2007
Daddy Forever

I painted the ceiling once. And once was enough. It’s really hard on the neck. Your wife will need to give you a neck massage afterwards.

17 04 2007

The wife thinks I’m crazy. The wife is making sure the life insurance is paid up.

18 04 2007

Smart wife.

18 04 2007

I tend to agree with my sister’s judgement here, actually. That just screams “Bad Idea!” It’s not ceilings that are the problem, just THAT particular bit of it.

Good luck!

18 04 2007

Votes of confidence. Inspiring. Actually the ceiling isn’t the dangerous part here, it’s that window.

You guys are out of my will.

18 04 2007

Just in case you forgot, what about that damp area behind the door? Any luck with that yet? Remember my christmas gift! LOL

18 04 2007

Taken care of, patched, sanded, and awaiting paint! And don’t worry, you’re Christmas present will be hung immediately following.

20 04 2007

You’re forgetting that you DON’T have a will!!! I had wanted to pay someone (with the appropriate insurance) to do this because of the risks involved. We’ll see how this all pans out…

20 04 2007

Well, why on earth would he have a will? He only has a wife, three kids, a house and a mortgage. Oh, yeah, and his sister’s a freaking lawyer. You could always do what Mom did and go to Office Depot and buy the do-it-youreself will kit.

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