Serious Yum

20 04 2007

Have I said in the past that I’m a food network junkie? There are certain shows that I check almost every day to see what’s on and if it’s worth recording. Most Bobby Flay shows are good, and anything Alton Brown is great. I also like Mario, but he doesn’t do cheesesteaks.

I saw cheesesteaks on Good Eats and also on Throwdown, so I know what I’m doing. Heck, on Throwdown they had a master cheesesteak artist from Philly show us all how to make them. So now I’m an expert. Karen kept asking “Are you sure that’s how you do it?” and I kept saying “Tony Luke did it that way, so I’m doing it that way.” Name dropping gives me an air of credibility. Truth be told, I’m not even sure what kind of steak he used. But Bobby’s recipe was online, so I went with his, and Karen got a 1-pound sirloin from the butcher. She sliced it as thin as she could, which was pretty darn thin. I was skeptical because from what I’ve seen the meat is supposed to be deli thin, but it turned out to be very tasty.

Step 1 of this procedure is as follows: Open a can of Spaghetti-O’s for the kids. Seriously, this food is for me. Karen cut up the steak, so I set to work on everything else.

Ever see an instruction in a recipe and think “I’ve heard that word before, but how do I do it?” I like cookbooks that don’t assume any previous cooking knowledge and have good illustrations. I found one (Alton Brown of course) so now I can julienne cut an onion. Aren’t I special? I know it’s not authentic, but in our house onions just don’t happen without peppers and mushrooms. Karen was disappointed I didn’t throw in some garlic too. Those are creminis and shitakes in the picture.


I grated some provolone and it didn’t melt like I’d hoped. It was good, but it needed more than just residual heat to melt I suppose. Perhaps cheddar or american next time.

Makes me hungry right now

You know you want some. Do I even need to say it was yummy? Perhaps some hot peppers next time as well. Karen says jalepenos and serranos aren’t hot, but she does appreciate the effort.



2 responses

22 04 2007
Angel Elf

If you pop the meat in the freezer so that it gets just a bit hard, not frozen solid, it will be easer to cut very thin. Of course a meat slicing machine would make the task a lot quicker then doing it by hand.

22 04 2007

Mark….looks great. I wish I was there to partake….oh well, I guess it will be soon enough that I will get to visit.

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