I have no business sense

23 04 2007

Springtime, with the April showers, the lilac blossoms, the warm spring air, the smell of manure (give me a break, I live in central PA), means one thing is on its way.  Bulk trash day.

Every spring we put out the furniture, appliances, and garden tools that have lost their usefulness in the past year.  The boro tells us when they’re going to come, and what they will and won’t pick up.  There’s only one catch.  The boro has never picked up our bulk trash.  They’ve never gotten the chance.  We must be the Mercedes of trash or something.  I’m not sure what these people do with the stuff they take from our curb; all I know is I must not be resourceful enough for my trash to make me money.  Here are some of the things we’ve put out and people have taken:

  • Lawn chairs with cushions left out over winter
  • A threadbare couch with puke stains all over it
  •  40+ year old shovel and hoe, with splinters and a carpenter bee living inside
  • A straw broom with the bristles bent to a 90-degree angle
  • A non-working above-range microwave oven

Not only did all of these items get taken by scavengers, none of them lasted more than two hours.  The microwave got discarded this year, and since I knew someone would take it I left the mounting brackets out with it.  It even had the glass tray inside.  With all my dining room shenanagins I had no time to get anything out of the attic to put out.  The boro trucks have already been past to collect the trash, but I’ve been wondering something.  If I leave something else out will somebody come by again and pick it up?  I’ve been toying with the idea.



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23 04 2007
Daddy Forever

I wish we had a bulk trash day. I have some stuff I need to get rid of that won’t fit in the trash can. Hmmmm, I wonder if they will take away teenagers.

24 04 2007

Teenagers? But they are so much fun! LOL. Mark, glad you did not put out the UPS’s….I’d hate to see people powering tv’s and dvd players on them!! I promise to get rid of them before next trash day!

24 04 2007

I think the answer to your question is YES. If you leave it, they will come. “they” being the vultures. Just leave it with a big sign that says “free to a good home” so that people know you’re not just decorating the sidewalk. It’s worked for us in the past.

24 04 2007

People ALWAYS come by and grab the stuff from the curb…i’ve left some of the most disgusting things out and they take them. Broken, old, disgusting, they don’t care…i just don’t know what the hell they are doing with it all!!?!?!??

– Jon
– Daddy Detective

24 04 2007

Lawrence, that is a very good suggestion. I wish I’d thought of it myself. Then I would have my closet back.

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