Belated Christmas present, or bacteria infested death candy?

25 04 2007

My brother in law Lawrence and his girlfriend Rhoda spent a few weeks with us over Christmas, and when they were leaving their suitcases were over weight and I had to bring some of their stuff back with me.  I’ve burned Lawrence’s underwear, but  recently I came upon a bag of his stuff that I’d forgotten about.  It had an electric screwdriver (thanks bro) and this box:

too tempting…..must eat…..

We knew that they had gone to the local candy shop while they were here and bought some chocolates to take back with them.  I discovered them with one kit-kat and four or five packs of gum that will keep my breath fresh until their next visit.  I ate the kit-kat immediately and contemplated the chocolates.  Freshly made candies don’t have preservatives (I would assume), so what are the chances that they’ve gone bad in three months’ time?  Karen told me flatly, “Don’t eat those!  They’ve been sitting in the boys’ closet for three months! If you want chocolates that much, go buy some more.”

What should I do?

The picture above actually was taken after I’d eaten three or four of them.  As I did I pondered as to why they didn’t take the candy in hand on the plane.  Either they originally intended for the boys to eat them or they were trying to kill me.  I’m assuming it’s the latter, since I’ve become very stingy with sweets lately.

Just writing this has made me hungry.



7 responses

25 04 2007

So THAT’S where the mysterious Kit-Kat wrapper in the bathroom trash can came from!

25 04 2007
Daddy Forever

Well, if I don’t hear from you for awhile I’ll know why. We find candy all the time too. Our oldest child hides her candy and forgets about them.

26 04 2007

What’s the problem everyone? If I had found them they’d ALL be GONE by now!!!!!

26 04 2007

So, 24 hours later, how do you feel? Montezuma’s revenge?

26 04 2007

Actually it was a couple weeks ago. I’m fine.

26 04 2007

Of course you are fine…it’s chocolate. It’s actually a healing medicine…Don’t know if anyone out there knows that or not. …it’s the best kept secret. 😉

26 04 2007

Well when I left them I did not intend for them to sit for months before being consumed. I do agree with Shelly though, what’s the problem? Those chocolates are too good to go to waste! I say eat, eat eat!

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