Living on decaf

3 05 2007

Jonny asleep on the floor

This is how I feel.

I made a decision a couple weeks ago, and now I’m living with the consequences of that decision. I was standing in the coffee roasters’ store and I said to myself “You should not be reliant on caffeine.” Wow, I thought, what a great idea. Going back to drinking decaf like I did before Ben was born. Caffeine isn’t really good for you, it’ll be a health kinda thing.

Ben Sleeping Bumbo

I haven’t been getting headaches. I’m thankful for that. But holy cow, I am tired. I get to about 10:30 before I think to myself “I could really use a nap.” The only problem is you can’t nap with a three year old jumping on you.

Jonny Sleeping Glider

I used to drink decaf exclusively with no problem. I was proud of myself. Standing in that store I convinced myself that I could switch back after a year and everything would be the same. Ugh. I suppose that was a stupid thing to think.Jonny Sleeping Surrounded by toys

Perhaps it’s all in my head. There are times when I have to stop drinking regular coffee for a day or two (for reasons which we’ll not get into here) and everything is okay, but now I know that all the caffeine in the house is gone. I couldn’t have regular coffee now if I wanted it, and believe me, I do. So maybe I’ve got the “flu vaccine” syndrome. Nobody gets the flu shot unless there’s not enough, then everyone wants it. I don’t need caffeine unless I don’t have any.




11 responses

4 05 2007

How hilarious! Should have had Karen take a pic of you drooling on yourself.

4 05 2007

Yet when you DO have caffeine, you complain about its effects on your gastrointesinal tract! I know, I know, TMI.

4 05 2007

Do you not understand “for reasons which we’ll not get into here?”


4 05 2007
Daddy Forever

At least your kids fall asleep when they are tired. Mine kids just get cranky. I know what you mean about taking naps. That’s like an invitation for the kids to start jumping on your chest.

4 05 2007

What do you do those poor boys!!!! They’re exhausted!!!!! :)) (just kidding)

Ok I’m totally not with you here. I’ve weighed the pros and cons and with my coffee, the cons win. I WILL have my coffee.

4 05 2007

Coffee rules! I don’t drink much of the stuff at home, but when I’m on a project, and there is a coffee maker in my room, I tend to have a cup each morning.

Now aren’t those adorable sleeping pics of the kids. Particularly like the sleeping Jonny on chair one.

4 05 2007

Sweden is one of the heaviest coffee drinking countries in the world. Finland comes first. Decaffeinated coffee? No, thanks.
Karin from Sweden

4 05 2007

Poor Jonny! He plays so hard that he wears himself out right where he’s standing. Either that, or you need to check your furnace for carbon monoxide leaks. Oh, and the coffee = go thing must be a family trait. he, he. Why drink it if it is not caffinated. Does not make any sense at all.

7 05 2007

ummm… silly question, since hi-test causes issues, but you seem to want to have some sort of “fix” what about tea?

I know the caffeine is different, and has quite less of an effect, but it still has (for some people) the ability to keep them awake, so it must work somewhat.

(Note: Due to too many years of caffeine abuse, I can now drink any caffeinated beverage at any time of night or day, and it will not affect me. It will not wake me up, nor will it hinder sleep. So I can not attest to the validity of the tea actually working, but it might be worth a shot).

7 05 2007

hmmm, tea. Had I not been walking around like a caffeine zombie I may have thought of that.

12 05 2007

TOO funny! I love those bumbo chairs. My little guy is a bit noggen challenged still, but he seems to dig it.

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