Venom likes BBQ chicken and baked beans.

8 05 2007

Isaac likes Spider-man. The only thing cooler than Spider-man is Venom. I agree. Perhaps Isaac has watched that cartoon (NO, he didn’t see the movie) too much because this past weekend he decided to bench press like Eddie Brock:

My son wants to be Venom

Yes that’s a gardening shovel. He got his rep count up pretty high, but the scouts didn’t see it so I don’t think he’ll be drafted on the first day. Check his time in the 40, though.

Summer is coming and that means I’ll be posting about BBQ a lot. During the winter Karen cooks on the weekends, making lots of leftovers for us to eat during the week. I usually cook one or two nights a week, but when it’s warm outside I get to play with fire. Reminds me of something Tim Allen once said:

“Me man, cook outside, use fire. You woman, cook inside, use magic.”

Karen was in the mood for Jerk chicken so she suggested BBQ this past weekend.

Jerk Chicken

I thought it was a great idea, but I really wanted steak. Man food. She picked up a 20oz sirloin at the butcher shop and I was very happy. I’d found this recipe from Bobby Flay and I was itching to try it out. The title of the episode was “Brazilian grilling” but I’m not sure what’s so Brazilian about garlic, olive oil, and parsley. You cook a steak on the grill and while it’s resting you drizzle this mixture of those three ingredients over it. Sounded good and I wanted to try it.

Steak yummy

Remember that thing Tim Allen said about magic? That’s how I feel about gas grilling. Ugh. I’ve used charcoal for years and then last year someone gave us a gas grill. I’m very thankful and happy for the convenience, but I just don’t get it. Charcoal is easy. It’s fire. You know exactly what you’re getting.  Cooking outside on a grill with dials and controls just seems wrong. Why not just haul the stove outside and cook on that instead? Although I did see a gas grill at Lowe’s last week that I wouldn’t mind having. It had a griddle built into the cooking surface. How cool is that? You can cook the bacon while your cheeseburger is cooking, side by side. Maybe I’m the only one who gets excited about a bacon cheeseburger.

Anyway, like I said, I just don’t get gas grills. Yet. I suppose I’ll get used to them after a while. Steaks are easy to get right. You put them on the grill, leave the cover open, and cook it as little as possible. Chicken, however, is more complicated. I’ve heard all this about how you could die from eating raw chicken, and I gotta tell you I believe every word. But as I’m getting to know my new friend the gas grill I’ve been doing some secondary work with my old friend the microwave afterwards. I did, however, manage to char the outside beyond recognition:


Actually Karen had disposed of the worst one before I could take a picture. Dad would be so proud.  Isaac and Jonathan cleaned their plates without much prodding though.



11 responses

9 05 2007

Charcoal is fire, but it also takes forever. Gas is quick and convenient for those with busy lives. (like having three children). You will get used to it.

Is Venom that horribly ugly dude you left at my house?

9 05 2007

…with the tongue Gene Simmons would be jealous of, yes.

9 05 2007

This is making me hungry for chicken on the grill. Wish I had thought about it before I left the house this morning and had gotten something out of the freezer to defrost. I need a wife.

9 05 2007

Ohh, you guys had jerk chicken and you didn’t even tell me? That’s cruel!

9 05 2007

Aliyah is allowed to drop by unannounced at any time, particularly on weekends. Hungry? We’re having steak again this weekend. Pink.

9 05 2007

Heh. It’s alright– as I recall, I didn’t have to cope with dining hall food much that weekend– Friday night, student gov had a dinner at The Orchards, Saturday was spent eating lamb at the Sheep and Wool Festival, and Sunday night I went to a professor’s house for dinner.

9 05 2007

two pictures.

That’s all it took and I’m ready to write off the Col. forever!!

10 05 2007
Daddy Forever

You should change your blog’s name to “Mark Can Cook”

BTW, I gave you one of the first Thinking Booger Award. Congrats.

12 05 2007

YUM. This post reminds me of my hubby. He’s all about any and all posts about meat and grilling.

14 05 2007
Michele B

Where do find such nice friends that give you almost-never-used-nearly-brand-new grills??? (smile) With our kitchen being torn up this summer I plan to become a “grill master” – its either that or spend a fortune on take-out – so I will be interested in any grilling tips you have. My big problem with gas grills is I am always afraid of blowing them up…very paranoid about following right steps to get things going…hopefully will overcome this fear this summer.

28 10 2010
Oscilloscope :

i still prefer gas grills over electric grills because the smoke somehow improves the flavor of the meat`’,

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