Beans are neither musical nor fruit

14 05 2007

It started out as a simple search for a can of chicken noodle soup. I opened up our pantry and started moving around cans of beans, tomatoes, and broth looking for this elixir of life for Jonathan, who isn’t feeling well. He’s been puking every night after dinner. It started this weekend, and oddly enough, I cooked all weekend. So I’m looking for chicken soup but we don’t have any. What we do have, however, is beans.

beanspantry1.jpg beanspantry2.jpg

Black beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, baked beans, refried beans, black eyed peas, if you want beans we have beans. In all we had twenty-five cans of beans in our pantry and I thought to myself “Well, the boys can’t have soup tonight, but I can.” So I took two cans of black beans and made some black bean soup. My next problem came when I made the soup. Now I’ve made this soup before. You take two cans of black beans, a tomato, some cilantro, cumin, oregano, some hot peppers and some water, blend it all together and then heat it to a simmer.  Simple, and it always tastes great. But this time I had this really big deep green poblano pepper that I used, and holy cow if that soup didn’t look green when it was all said and done.


It didn’t come out in the picture, but trust me it was green.  With Karen’s help I tweaked it enough to save the flavor but the presentation would make Shrek proud. New rule: For the black bean soup use red peppers.

So the title is a little boring; Karen told me I couldn’t use the word “fart.”



6 responses

15 05 2007

It wasn’t green! It was brown, just like in the photo, with tiny flecks of green pepper. The soup was delicious, and I can’t believe you didn’t post the photo of the tenderloin sandwich that went with it!

15 05 2007

Now that explains the smell of the house during my visit…LOL…to much beans….or is the fact that you have all of them indicate that you don’t eat much of the stuff?

16 05 2007
Daddy Forever

Oh man, do you have a neat cupboard. The cans are neatly stacked and facing outwards. Our cans are all over the place.

16 05 2007

um, I did that for the picture. Our pantry is a mess.

24 05 2007

I was going to say that your neat storage of cans in your cupboard is reminiscent of ‘Sleeping with Enemy’. I’m hoping it was staged for the benefit of the photo otherwise I’m a bit creeped out!! LOL

29 05 2007
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