More arguments for $1 ticket prices

27 05 2007

We saw Shrek 3 on Friday night.  Two adults and two kids walk in and between admission and concessions we’re out 50 bucks. Shrek 3 was not worth the $4 you pay at Blockbuster.  I suppose Shrek 2 set our expectations too high but seriously, this was as bad as Ice Age 2Shrek 3 was so bad that when Jonathan and Ben got bored and irritable Karen and I did rock-paper-scissors to see who’d get to leave the theater with them and walk around the mall.  The loser (me) had to stay and watch the rest of the movie with Isaac.

In other news I learned another one of those life lessons this weekend. You see, I’ve been driving around since December without the insurance cards in the car. They arrived, honest your honor, but they just never made their way into the glove box. I didn’t even notice until the time came to renew registration. So when our new cards came last week I made it a point to get them in the cars fast. Friday morning Karen was taking Jonathan out so I gave Jonathan the card and said “Give this to Mommy when you get to the car.” That’s right ladies and gentlemen I trusted my three-year-old more than my wife. Guess what happened. Thirty seconds later I turn around to see Jonny holding a Spider-man action figure – and the card is gone. Disappeared! Vanished! It’s nowhere! After much searching we find that Jonny put it in Ben’s car seat next to Ben. At least he was responsible enough to pass the buck to someone else going in the car.

The state police can just come and arrest me now.



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28 05 2007
Daddy Forever

You also need the insurance card to rent a manly truck at Home Depot. Like most people, the card I have in my car is at least a year old. I’m not sure why we really need it in the car because the police can look it up on their computers.

29 05 2007

It gives them one more thing to fine you for when you are pulled over doing 80 in a 65. It is also a separate fine for having a registration card that is not signed. Useless bit of trivia gained through my husband’s speeding.

12 07 2007 » Blog Archive » Thank you

[…] there are also many jokes in it that only adults can understand. The dialogue is funny. But, I read this blog by an American who also has young children. Now I wonder if I will enjoy Shrek 3. What do you think? Should I go to watch this movie with my […]

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