Living on decaf

3 05 2007

Jonny asleep on the floor

This is how I feel.

I made a decision a couple weeks ago, and now I’m living with the consequences of that decision. I was standing in the coffee roasters’ store and I said to myself “You should not be reliant on caffeine.” Wow, I thought, what a great idea. Going back to drinking decaf like I did before Ben was born. Caffeine isn’t really good for you, it’ll be a health kinda thing.

Ben Sleeping Bumbo

I haven’t been getting headaches. I’m thankful for that. But holy cow, I am tired. I get to about 10:30 before I think to myself “I could really use a nap.” The only problem is you can’t nap with a three year old jumping on you.

Jonny Sleeping Glider

I used to drink decaf exclusively with no problem. I was proud of myself. Standing in that store I convinced myself that I could switch back after a year and everything would be the same. Ugh. I suppose that was a stupid thing to think.Jonny Sleeping Surrounded by toys

Perhaps it’s all in my head. There are times when I have to stop drinking regular coffee for a day or two (for reasons which we’ll not get into here) and everything is okay, but now I know that all the caffeine in the house is gone. I couldn’t have regular coffee now if I wanted it, and believe me, I do. So maybe I’ve got the “flu vaccine” syndrome. Nobody gets the flu shot unless there’s not enough, then everyone wants it. I don’t need caffeine unless I don’t have any.