Disturbing Superhero Images, vol. 1

3 06 2007

In Spider-man 3 our hero is taken over by this mysterious black suit that strengthens all his super powers, but in return it tries to take over his mind and turn him evil. In Spider-man 4 the black suit makes a comeback and tries to take over completely by removing Peter Parker’s head and growing a new one of its own. In this scene Peter’s body searches desperately for his head (still alive inside the mask) before the symbiote consumes him.

“psst! I’m over here, to your right.”

…now where did I put that thing?

“No! Over here! To the right!”

psst!  to the right!

“No! No! No! The right! The right! Oh, how did I get such a stupid body?”


“Yes! That’s it! You’ve almost got it, quick! Be careful!!!”

Ahhh, there you are!

Peter quickly reattaches his head with the help of Dr. Connors and defeates the symbiote again.

Up Next: Batman’s Severed Arm!



4 responses

3 06 2007

Clearly, someone needs some more things to do around the house…

4 06 2007
Daddy Forever

Oh no! Reminds me of C3PO in Star Wars #2.

4 06 2007

Yeah, except Spider-man would have wittier things to say than “Oh, I’m quite beside myself!”

Or maybe not. He is wearing the black suit, after all. I suppose this is better than pelvic thrusting and dancing in the streets to the iPod in his head.

4 06 2007

Oh my god, that’s so funny. I think you should start spring cleaning or something. You definately need more to do (and keep you occupied).

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