One down, seventy-six to go…

11 06 2007

So Kindergarten is over and today (being Monday) was the first official day of summer vacation.  Is it too early to start counting down the days until August 27? 

We’re here to drive you crazy

Today we set some ground rules.  Rule #1:  There will be no TV or video games before lunch.  I learned this lesson a few years ago.  If they start playing video games after breakfast they end up doing it all day.  (This morning, before Karen even left for work at 8:10, they had the TV on.  No no no.)  Mornings are for constructive play and / or fighting with each other. 

Rule #2:  I will not argue about Rule #1.  If any child tries to argue about Rule #1 on any given day there will be no TV or video games that day.  I will not argue about the same thing every day this summer.

So far nothing new.  Now for a new rule.  Rule #3: If I hear screaming and / or hitting BOTH boys go to time out on beds in seperate rooms.  I don’t care who started it, I don’t care who’s fault it is.  Let’s call it a “cooling down” period.  This rule is for their own safety.

Rule #4: You must leave Daddy alone while he’s on the toilet.  No knocking, no asking questions from outside the door, no bothering Daddy because you know he’ll give in to make you go away.  Leave Daddy alone!  As a result of this rule Daddy will be spending most mornings on the toilet.

Rule #5: There will be no ice cream before lunch.  I can’t believe I even have to say it, but Isaac nagged me all morning today for a root beer float.

I’m also going to have to schedule something for them to do each day after breakfast.  While I’m drinking my coffee I need to keep them from nagging me for TV, video games, and ice cream. 

Isaac is supposed to read 20 books over the summer.  If he completes his mission he’ll get to take part in a day off picnic at a park during the first week of school.  Talk about delayed gratification.  I think that’s cool.  We’ll have to visit bookstores and the library to help him out.  

Long story short, I need to make some plans for my days with these three.  We’ve got some state parks within an hour’s drive, so I think we might take some day trips and picnic lunches. 



4 responses

11 06 2007

Maybe I should just visit then….although the whole library thing does not really sound that interesting to me. Now, Ice-Cream for breakfast sounds like an idea……

12 06 2007

“Daddy, are you peeing?” “Daddy are you pooping?” “Daddy, do you have a bum?”

What about chocolate cake for breakfast?

12 06 2007

I am LOVING rule #4. Was almost coffee-through-the-nose worthy. Absolutely hilarious. Good luck with that no video games and/or ice cream before lunch thing.

14 06 2007
Daddy Forever

In regards to rule #1, I prefer my kids fight with each other at the end of the day. After our little one smacks my son in the face a few times, he’s more receptive to going to bed.

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