Triumph of the Black Knight

21 06 2007

I swear these toys are (individually) as I found them. Yes, I moved them to a new location to take the picture but that’s it.

Go away you stupid english kunigits!

We’ve been playing lots of Legend of Zelda video games lately.  By “We” I mean everyone in our house with two hands.  For you guys out there, yes that means I married a girl who’s into video games.  Cool, yes, but the downside is that we position for console time.  Guess who wins.  We’ve taken a few months off from them but lately Karen’s been playing Twilight Princess on the Wii and the boys have been loving it.  They’ll watch her for a while and then she’ll let them try if she’s getting killed, it’s fun for everyone.

But then two days in a row came with no video games. It’s summer! Can’t I play all day, every day? Well, no, but all this Fighting Evil inspired Jonathan to break out his knights and castles and play with the swords and battle axes and such.

What I found amongst the pile of toys was the Black Knight riding proudly atop King Arthur’s white horse. I also found the Dark Castle flying the flags of Camelot with the armor & helmets (and one can only assume the heads) of the brave knights who fought and died in vain to protect it from the Black Knight.

For a bunch of games rated “E” (except for Twilight Princess) Jonathan really took the theme and ran with it.



5 responses

22 06 2007
Daddy Forever

When my son watches a super hero movie, he has to go to his room and find the appropriate super hero toy to watch with him. He actually likes role playing with his toys and insist on having villians too. What’s a super hero to do if there’s no bad guy to fight?

22 06 2007
mark - in my own defense

Indeed. I never seemed to have any “bad guy” action figures as a kid, so I had to pretend that some of the good guys got brainwashed or something.

22 06 2007

Your child has a future as a fantasy novel writer or something. This makes me inordinately pleased.

24 06 2007

…or maybe he has a future as a despot!

24 06 2007

Hmm. Perhaps.

You sound very excited at that prospect, Karen! I suppose that’s the ultimate parental bragging point. “Yeah, my son’s the dictator. I can get you executed tomorrow if I want!”

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