Strike two against Burger King

1 07 2007

I grew up in the 80’s. That’s to say I wasn’t a teenager in the early 80’s, so most of those brat pack movies went over my head. I couldn’t really relate to The Breakfast Club (I loved Ferris Bueller though) but I watched it since my older sister watched it. But there was one fad for which I was the perfect age, the “target audience.” Hence my state of depression this week.

Karen and I have long held the belief that PG-13 movies should NEVER under any circumstances be seen by children under 13, and in some cases 17. (Remember Titanic?) And when Spider-Man movies started coming out a few years ago it was an easy decision. Isaac was WAY too young. But he turns seven this month, and the coolest thing that ever existed in my childhood is making its way to the big screen.

You’re thinking “Another Star Wars movie?” No, cooler. Star Wars was incredible, amazing, and awe inspiring, but the Transformers were cool.

This, however, is not cool:

Isn’t this supposed to transform?

I understand that happy meal toys cost about twelve cents, so we can’t expect much. But even my four-year-old wasn’t fooled with this one. Um, Burger King? Transformers toys are supposed to, well, transform, ya know? Not this one.  No, here’s the new version of Starscream, and what you see is what you get. It’s some stupid plastic, well let’s call it what it is, it’s a statue. It’s not a transformer, it’s just a robot. Isaac picked up on it immediately.

So here’s an idea. How about these fast food places stop giving toys with happy meals. Maybe little books instead, or activity pages or something. To the chain that comes up with an idea to actually engage children I will offer my patronage. Until then I may just start asking them to take the toys out before we even see them.



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2 07 2007

You forgot to mention how you were a poor deprived child who wan’t allowed to play with Transformers (or that you will gladly go see this movie alone). Oh, and thanks for the “older” moniker. That was lovely.

2 07 2007
mark - in my own defense

The transformer toys? That’s another post. And I could start saying my old sister instead of my older sister.

2 07 2007

Yes, but then I would have to kill you.

3 07 2007

Free toys, not matter how lame they are, were always fun for me. But, in the land of a million cheap toys (USA), I guess those toys are pretty lousy I guess.

3 07 2007
Daddy Forever

We got the same “toy” at BK. I was also shocked when it didn’t transformed. Reminds me of the story about someone in another country editing out all the singing in the Sound of Music because the movie was too long.

3 07 2007
3 07 2007

It is at this moment that I am glad to have a girl, and not be suckered into Transformers, either the movie or for the trip to BK.

Now, I understand that for a cheap free toy, you can’t expect the world, but good gravy this is the most pathetic one I think I have seen. (And that is saying a lot because BK has always had the worst give-a-aways).

I am not usually one to promote Fast Food in any way, but since you asked, BK used to have (not sure they still do) have “alternative” (educational) toys available, if you ask. I believe McDonald’s does as well (though if I remember correctly theirs was only for 3 and under).

3 07 2007

I actually thought BK’s Star Wars toys were pretty cool when they had those…

7 07 2007
Dear Burger King, This is not a Transformer | The Marketing Technology Blog

[…] 7/7/2007: I’m not the only one complaining… check out this post from Mark on his crappy transformer. His kid was […]

12 07 2007

We don’t do fast food too much, but Chic-Fil-A always impresses me when we do. They give out small books that are worthwhile. And a big hit with our kids are the cds of “Between the Lions” (pbs literacy program) reading stories to them and the like. Great in-the-car entertainment!!!

18 03 2008

I designed this toy, and you must understand that the guidelines that we must follow are very strict. Our concept involved many transforming toys, all of which were killed due to cost or safty. By the way, that robot does “transform”, from not damaged to damaged.. Just like the old Masters of the Universe figures form the 80’s..

8 01 2019

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