Next time I’ll just wave

5 07 2007

Some of us have more trouble adjusting to the Monday morning routine than others. I’m especially bad. Having two parents in the house all weekend long is like a vacation to me, so when I’m left on my own it takes me at least two cups of coffee to get up for it.

Karen was getting ready for work, as usual, and she was running late. I heard “Bye everybody!” and the door close. I’m kind of insecure so I felt a slight tinge of offense “Not even so much as a peck on the cheek.” Hmph. So I go to the window and wave goodbye. At least I get a wave back. Then something catches my eye as Karen’s driving away. Jonathan’s car seat is in her car. So I call Karen on her cell phone, and while she’s still in sight she answers. I go out and get the car seat, collect my morning kiss, and start walking back to our minivan.

Have you ever pressed down on the gas, thinking the car was in drive, but really it was in reverse? Have you ever bumped into something when that happened? Did you ever hit your husband with the car when that happened? I suppose that was a critique of my kiss, but I’d have preferred her to simply say “Mark, seriously, go brush your teeth.”



8 responses

5 07 2007

I didn’t mean to do it! I swear! I was mortified. I just hope the neighbors weren’t watching.

5 07 2007

LOL…….well at least she would have been able to administer medial attention if it was needed…..Mark, you should have played more into it; pretended your leg was broken, or something.

6 07 2007
mark - in my own defense

Well, she has been really nice to me ever since it happened.

6 07 2007

Oh my gosh, that is so funny. Well, that is what you get for making her late for work.

6 07 2007

Heehee, great story… something to torment the spouse with at family gatherings… thats what we do. 😉

7 07 2007
mark - in my own defense

It’s kind of disturbing that the women find this story so amusing. Kinda like the Cell Block Tango…

7 07 2007

Oh I wish I could drive Mark. That’s a perfect way of showing your distain at your husband’s morning breath!

9 07 2007
Daddy Forever

I have been worry about stuff like that ever since I got a life insurance.

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