Are we doing enough?

8 07 2007

This past weekend there was this concert series called Live Earth, where nine stadiums around the world were open all day for concerts in an effort to fight global warming. This isn’t a political blog so I won’t get into how silly that idea is. But I will mention that there is a much more serious problem headed our way further out into the future, and it’s got Isaac worried.

In one of Isaac’s space books we read that the sun will burn itself out in about 5 billion years.  As it nears the end of its life it will increase in temperature and size, and life on Earth will cease long before it is engulfed by the sun as it expands.

will we be next?

When we read this in his book Isaac started getting scared. He was afraid about the earth being destroyed by the sun in its death throes 5 billion years into the future. I told him “Don’t worry Isaac. That’s so far into the future, you’ll be dead long before that happens.”

Isaac and his space book

Somehow he wasn’t comforted by that thought.  Bad Daddy.



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8 07 2007

You and I are on the same wavelength. Only I use my blog to document all my daily sins as a green girl wannabe. Unfortunately, I never seem to run out of material . . .

Isaac is very lucky to have a bad Daddy like you!


8 07 2007

well, at least he is not ready for the psychiatrist yet. give yourself a few more years to do that kind of damage…

8 07 2007

Yes, everytime I looked that those massive stages and electronic displays, I kept thinking, why don’t they run a ticker that says how they’ve managed (if at all) to reduce the carbon footprint of this event.

Maybe Isaac has found a cause 🙂

9 07 2007
Daddy Forever

did you tell him there’s no Santa yet?

9 07 2007
mark - in my own defense

That’s another post.

9 07 2007

“As long as you believe in giving, there’s a Santa Claus in your heart” is how my mom pulled off the Santa news…

good luck!

9 07 2007

Wait, you mean there is no Santa Claus?

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