Some toys just aren’t made for kids

15 07 2007

Under “categories” I’ve listed Jonathan takes his toys apart. It should read Jonathan takes Isaac’s toys apart. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Well, Isaac is Link, and Link is Isaac. It’s his secret identity. And it’s why Karen is such a fan of Zelda. It’s not Link running around on our TV fighting evil, it’s Isaac. And wow, he does exactly what Karen tells him to do, the first time (mostly)! If only kids came with a little controller or Wiimote so that they’d do exactly what you told them to.

So Santa brought Isaac a Link action figure for Christmas last year. Let’s just say it’s not as much action as we’d hoped. It breaks as easy as a Jenn-Air range. We found out quickly that Link’s arms fall off, and this is what happens after ten minutes with Jonathan:

Lego Link

I’m surprised he lasted through June.

To save Santa’s reputation I’ve told Isaac about product licensing and the fact that Santa didn’t in fact make this toy in his workshop. The bad news is that Santa bought a dud. The good news is that we can get him something a little more durable.

A couple months ago Isaac told me “When I grow up I’m going to make a Lego Zelda video game.” I wonder where he got his inspiration?

It does say on the box that it’s not meant to be played with. Here’s your first warning:

Warning! May not be as much fun as you’d hoped!

Is there such a thing as a mature five-year-old collector? Anyway, now my old GI Joe bad guy will have someone to go to rehab with:

Jonathan is Sid from Toy Story



3 responses

19 07 2007

Poor Link….I feel sorry for him…
As for Mr. GI Joe, that’s what happens when you walk into a land mine…..goes with the terriroty I guess.

20 07 2007

Man, Link sure shows off a lot of leg!

10 03 2009

Same happened when I got Ganondorf and Link altogether( my Zelda got lost in the mail, couldn’t get a refund) as for the G.I. Dude, it was ME who set those land mines, it was meant for your boss though. ^_^

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