I never miss an opportunity to do something wrong

26 07 2007

Timing is everything. Take the previous owners of our house, for instance. They split (and left town) shortly before just about everything in this house self-destructed. Here’s the range that came with the house:

stupid oven

We’ve been having intermittent problems with this range since we moved in three years ago, but with the cost involved we’ve been putting it off. Recently it we’ve had to re-categorize our oven from “temperamental” to “broken” since it will preheat then shut off.

Now I’m not sure when this range was built, but the manual was printed in 1991. It started giving us problems in 2004. That’s thirteen years, folks. We’ve had ranges in our first two apartments that were older than me and they still worked fine. I’m not sure what you’re paying for when you buy Jenn-Air, but it’s certainly not durability.

Pop quiz:  Given the picture above, which of these two replacements would you purchase?

drop-in range slide in range

Me too. Guess what. I was wrong.  What I ordered was a drop-in range that is apparently built into the cabinets, and you have to build a box to put it on.  What I needed was a slide-in range that stands up on its own.  That’s pretty evident from the pictures, right?  Yeah well Jenn-Air has to go make things difficult for me.  Apparently I had a slide-in range with no drawer because of the downdraft fan.  So after 3 weeks of backorder the delivery guys rip open the box and I say “That doesn’t have legs.”  Oops.  Here’s my new range:

i wonder what I can ruin with this…

Oh yeah, and apparently my kitchen floor is not level.  It was very interesting to level my oven on that floor.



5 responses

27 07 2007

Aren’t old houses fun? The bigger question, however, is DOES IT WORK?

27 07 2007

It’s very shiny! And it doesn’t have those two weird flat burners that your old stove had! Clearly this is an improvement!

29 07 2007

Very pretty range. We’ve got a new dishwasher on an uneven floor. Mr. Installer wanted to say nasty words which would’ve been fine with me but it was much more fun to watch him hold his tongue. I can be evil like that.

29 07 2007
Grandma Cheryl

Looks very impressive. Perhaps mine would self-destruct soon…….

30 07 2007
mark - in my own defense

Hard to do that without blowing up the house in your case, you may be stuck with it.

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