Wrinkly feet and pasta

5 08 2007

We’re done socializing until Christmas. We weren’t our usual antisocial selves these past two weeks. On the bright side we did go to pool parties two days in a row, and we learned that swimming is Isaac’s new favorite thing to do. I got to take Ben into the pool and he loved it. Isaac liked playing with Ben in the pool too, although Ben didn’t like being splashed in the face. But he stayed in the water with me so long that his feet got all wrinkly:

Ben’s wrinkly feet

Since Karen is going back to work this week we did as much cooking as possible, and we’ve got leftovers for three days I think. Tomorrow I’ll try to cook for two more days and that will be it for the week. Tonight we made lasagna rolls we found on Cooking Light magazine and Mario’s mushroom soup:

lasagna and soup

It’s kind of fun when we cook together. First of all, dinner is edible. You know what I did for this dinner? Not much. Karen did the assembly work, which is why the lasagna rolls look so nice and round. I’m sure I could’ve made it into something resembling a jellyfish. Karen also made the sauce and used three times the amount of garlic in the recipe. Karen and I loved it but the boys kept saying “too much garlic!” In their lasagna rolls we just put the sauce and some mozzarella cheese, told them it was “pizza noodles.” In the future we might just use pizza sauce for them since we like the garlic.



5 responses

7 08 2007

those lasagne rolls look really really good
and I’d go for anything heavy on the garlic too!

8 08 2007

The title of this submission is very ecclectic. At first I wondered how wrinkly feet and pasta would go together. Did the wrinkly feet get burned by the pasta? Did they smash the pasta into the carpet? Were they served with the pasta in some wierd cannabalistic ritual? I should have known it was two ideas simply glued together with an “and” and they actually had nothing to do with one another. And, thank heaven for that.

8 08 2007
mark - in my own defense

There is another alternative. Did I overcook the pasta so much that it turned out wrinkly as well? That one’s not so creepy.

9 08 2007
Miss Behaving

The pasta looks good but I REALLY wanna hold those wrinkly feet!!

14 08 2007
Michele B

Are those wrinkly feet from my pool? I’m not socializing anymore this year either unless I get to be the one watching little feet get wrinkly while letting someone else run around making sure no dish is getting low, nothing is burning on the grill and everyone is “feeling welcome”. I actually do like giving parties but I’d much rather go to one.

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