Pizza homework: on my own

23 08 2007

Karen let me do this one by myself.  I’ve been doing nothing around the house lately, including cooking, but that’s another post.

All the toppings except one

Tuesday (I think, it’s hard to keep track these days) I was talking with Isaac and mentioned to him “Why don’t we have pizza tonight?” I was greeted with a resounding “YES!” so I set to work. I’ve been collecting pizza dough recipes since I now have a working oven, and I saw this beauty over at Pinch My Salt, author of my Valentine’s day dessert. It’s whole wheat and rosemary pizza dough and it looked very good so I’ve had it on my mind for a while.

In the baking instructions I thought it interesting that Nicole suggests assembling the pizza on parchment paper and then baking it on the pizza stone at 500 degrees, parchment and all. The box says the paper is oven safe to 400 degrees. After some discussion the decision was made “Well, we’ve got a fire extinguisher, why not try it?” That and the fact that this dough sticks to the parchment like glue before baking and to pull it off would be to make it the shape of West Virginia. So we put it in the oven on the parchment paper and it didn’t burn the house down.

It’s a circle!!!

Is it bad when I’m shocked that things work out the way the recipe says they will? Holy cow, I could make circles! To me this dough worked better with my hands than Mario’s.

Enough of all this yammering, how did it taste? Nicole, if you’re reading this I will tell you this is the first time Isaac has eaten the outer crust of any pizza in his life.

Isaac eating the crust

This crust was good. Here’s the half cheese/half pineapple pizza for the boys:

Pizza with cheese and pineapple

I’d made a big batch of pizza sauce and frozen it in ice cube trays a while ago, so I thawed some of them and used many of our standard toppings:

Pizza goodness

We also made a now standard from Mario, with medallions of mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, and tomato slices. However it got sliced and eaten so fast I never got a chance to take a picture.

The recipe calls for 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 3 cups of all purpose flour. I used bread flour instead of all purpose because Karen told me to. And in the recipe Nicole doesn’t say how much rosemary to put in; I suppose she’s leaving it up to personal taste. I used one sprig’s worth of leaves, chopped very fine.



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23 08 2007

Hi Mark,

Your pizza looks great! And what a compliment (to both of us, I suppose) that Isaac ate the outer crust! I’m glad you tried the parchment trick. The paper might look a little charred around the edges but it won’t burst into flames or anything 🙂

23 08 2007

The pizza was oh-so-good…and best of all, I didn’t have to make it! The rosemary flavor was wonderful. The parchment was a splendid idea too – it made for quick and easy clean-up at the end.

23 08 2007

Funny that you made that recipe for the dough because I saw that earlier this week and decided that I am going to try it this weekend. The thought of rosemary in pzza dough just sounded diving to me. Hopefully mine will look as good as yours. Did you shape the pizza this time or did Karen?? 😉

How do you make your pizza sauce? That is something that I have to find a good recipe for now that I have a pizza stone from my neighbour and plan to make pizzas more often.

23 08 2007

ooops… I meant to say …the thought of pizza dough with rosemary sounds divine to me…stupid laptop keyboard!!

24 08 2007
mark - in my own defense

Yes, Lara, I shaped the pizzas and I will tell you I like the idea of dividing it into three instead of four because they’re bigger and you won’t be in front of the oven for as long.

As for the pizza sauce I use Mario Balali:,1977,FOOD_9936_22502,00.html

and it works well.

24 08 2007
Miss Behaving

I love it!! I have been trying macrobiotic recipes the last couple of months, and the bread turns out “okay”.
I would love to see my kids devour things the way your son does in the picture.

( sorr if there are loads of typos, my pc is on its last legs)

24 08 2007


28 08 2007

You are making me hungry.

29 08 2007

For dessert we have something nice waiting for you and Karen over at our place.

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