Mixed messages

29 08 2007

Have I told  you that I’m tough to shop for?  I am.  Everything I want is expensive and specialized and I don’t really want to receive that kind of thing as a present.  Maybe a good Christmas present this year is permission to go guitar shopping…

Anyway, last year for my birthday Karen got me, among other things, two soup cookbooks that have both served us well, except for the red wine broth that almost ruined Valentines day.  So this year I was excited when I received, among other things, two grilling cookbooks. Boy Gets Grill by Bobby Flay and Weber’s Big Book of Grilling.  She could’ve finished the job and got me a charcoal grill to go with it.  Our last Smokey Joe lasted 10 years.

I was very excited to see some of the recipes and stuff in these books.  Weber even discusses gas grilling.  But now I’m wondering at the message that Karen is sending me.  “I love you honey, but seriously, get that chicken under control.”



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29 08 2007

So does this mean that it was your birthday recently??? If so… Happy Birthday. If not, I wish my husband would buy me cookbooks if only to surprise me!! I have the Weber Real Grilling cookbook and the recipes are really good. I have tried a couple and they all tasted great.

I am with you… I really dislike gas bbq… I mean, why not just cook the food in the oven if you are using a gas grill!!! The only thing I love about my gas grill is the rotisserie on it…chicken is super moist done this way. I also like smoking meats too but I still want a charcoal bbq… will have to go buy myself one because Paul does not seem to be picking up on my hints!!!

Oh another thing.. you should try doing beer can chicken on the bbq if you have not before… it is really good (and it is very easy to get the chicken cooked just right without burning :-))

30 08 2007

Mark: You should take this suggestion about the beer chicken. It would give you something to do with the leftovers after we visit. 🙂
And, as the wife of a husband who barely makes sandwhiches, perhaps Karen is saying “please, please, keep cooking!”

30 08 2007

Dawn has the right idea – I was just trying to be a supportive wife. 😉
Anyway, it seems like my present inspired Mark. I arrived home this evening to find a huge brand new Weber charcoal grill and shiny new utensils stacked in the foyer. “They were on clearance at Target,” he said.
No more Chernobyl Chicken! I’d better mix up a new batch of jerk seasoning!

31 08 2007
mark - in my own defense

Wow, she’s excited about charcoal! I need to get some more stuff!!!

31 08 2007

drat why couldn’t I be there to get me a charcoal grill on clearance!!!

25 07 2008


25 07 2008

Hey Mark,

Found your site looking for Italian Meatball soup. Made me laugh. I collect cookbooks and can never have enough, but some of my favorites are the Moosewood Lodge ones. If you want to get a cookbook with some great soup recipes, grab the one with Hungarian Mushroom soup. It’s awesome and no other soup even comes close. If you can’t locate it, e-mail me and I’ll type out the recipe. Side note, I love my weber. Doesn’t compare to charcoal but I don’t have time to do that method anymore unless it’s a week-end. Meantime, the weber does the job, and keeps messy jobs out of the oven. You do get a nice char and smoked flavor when you burn stuff anyway 🙂 Always have something greasy to sacrifice to propane……..

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