I don’t need much encouragement

3 09 2007

Perhaps this is why Karen has never given me any positive vibes on the guitar subject. My birthday present this year included two grilling cookbooks:

Grill Cookbooks

Mixed messages aside, my failures with the gas grill are well documented. But I did manage to grill salmon on a cedar plank last week without the fish bursting into flames. While perusing these two books I lamented to Karen that they probably assumed that you own a charcoal grill if you care enough to spend money on a cookbook. Karen’s response was “Well, go out and get us another Smokey Joe grill! They’re cheap!”

That was all I needed. I went to Target last Thursday and grills were on clearance. Smokey Joes were 1/3 off, but so were these:


I was stuck. Should I or shouldn’t I? Unable to decide, I left it up to Jonathan. “Jonny, should I get the big one or the little one?” Guess which one he picked. Good boy, you love your daddy, don’t you? And while I’m here I should really get some new utensils.

I arrived home with my booty and was all happy. Karen came home and said “WHAT IS THIS!?!?! I was joking!!!”


Well then, um, it was on clearance so I can’t really return it. Too bad I hadn’t already assembled it.  Well, here it is, ain’t it cool?  My neighbor thought it was kinda weird when I took a picture of my new grill.  It’s just that kind of blog.

Look! I put it together!

Up Next: Labor day.  Did I burn the chicken?




2 responses

4 09 2007

Your neighbor was right, it is kind of wierd, but you are just that kind of blogger. Looks cool, though. I think you need to work on making your blog scratch and sniff. Would love to enjoy the charcoally smell without the work. I’ll keep my gas grill, thank you very much.

4 09 2007
mark - in my own defense

But see, it was my first time using it so I didn’t have to empty out any ashes or anything, so there was not really any work to be done or anything.

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