15 Weird things in the Wal-Mart dairy section

9 09 2007

Daddyforever had this great meme, called “15 weird things about me.” It quickly turned from “weird things” to “his wife will stab him 15 times with a kitchen knife for this.” Hopefully the wounds won’t be fatal and the police won’t find his body washed ashore on the Pacific coast somewhere.

So instead of airing my laundry I decided to stay on the Wal-Mart theme I started on Friday. When you’re shopping you kind of have blinders on, and if something’s not on your list you don’t really see it. Well I didn’t have that luxury while stocking the shelves, and let me tell you the dairy section has some of the nastiest products in the store. So here they are, in ascending order of nasty, fifteen weird things in the dairy section of Wal-Mart.

Before you ask, yes, the refrigerated juices count as the dairy section. Don’t ask me, I’m a mindless drone. Start the countdown!

15. Goat’s milk – Not really weird, but we never had it in stock. The day before I left we got a shipment of one carton. A customer was very happy that day.

14. Pineapple Orange Banana juice

13. Frigo Cheese heads mozzarella/cheddar swirled cheese sticks

12. Soy chocolate milk

And now, something from the yogurt wall…
(that’s right, it’s the wall where the yogurt is.)

11. Thick & Creamy Light key lime pie flavored yogurt – “Thick & Creamy” and “Light” don’t go together.

10. Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt

9. Pina Colada flavored yogurt

8. Vanilla yogurt with mini Reese’s Pieces to stir in it

7. Coffee flavored yogurt

6. Flan – This isn’t really weird, it’s just not something I’d buy from a box at Wal-Mart.

5. Gallons of Great Valu orange juice – didn’t resemble juice at all, so naturally we couldn’t stock it fast enough.

4. Yoohoo! – does anybody really know what’s in that stuff?

3. Soy yogurt

2. Cottage cheese with pineapple jam for you to mix in with it

1. Salmon flavored cream cheese

and the winner is…

There was also an extensive selection of items in the pre-made dough section, but that’s another post.



6 responses

10 09 2007

OK, salmon cream cheese, otherwise known as lox, is not that unusual. It is actually very good. Although, it helps to have a good sized Jewish community in order to get the really good stuff. Philadelphia isn’t the good stuff.

10 09 2007
Daddy Forever

I’m still alive. She can’t kill me because then you’ll be scared a night.

Weird that Walmart has stocking problems with the goat’s milk. Isn’t inventory management suppose to be one of their strong points?

10 09 2007
mark - in my own defense

That was the biggest shock to me too. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what is received by the local stores.

11 09 2007

I’m with you Mark. Pre-packaged flan? Ewww…

Also I think Yoohoo can also be used as motor oil in emergency situations.

22 09 2007
Michele B

I take issue with #7…I was actually eating #7 with a healthy dose of “bran buds” (they start out crispy and then end up yogurt logged and yummy) as I was reading this blog and there are 6 more of these lucious cups of deliciousness in my fridge as we speak…

23 09 2007
mark - in my own defense

Coffee flavored yogurt. Yuck. And what are “bran buds” anyway.

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