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23 09 2007

We bought our washing machine six years ago. You’d think they would last longer than that. But apparently not. Our motor died a spectacular death last week, making the downstairs lights flicker rapidly every time it tried to start spinning. I was given two options on the phone by the repair guy. Spend $250 to fix the motor or probably $350 to replace the whole thing. Fixing the machine wasn’t really worth it. But then I started looking online, and I found a motor on ebay for $160. I started thinking. I could save us two hundred bucks, or I could end up costing us an extra hundred sixty. Karen resignedly gave her support, so I ordered the part. It happened to be in state, so UPS ground got it here the next day.

First thing, I had to go get a new tool just so I could take out the old motor:

Oh no! I’ve got to buy something!

While I’m at Lowe’s, I really should get a new tool box.

I need somewhere to put it…

Even with this new tool, it was a real pain getting the old one out and the new one in. About a half hour each way.

Please, never break again.

I also had to drill a hole so I could mount the new startup capacitor:

I made all those electrical connections, too!

Karen was shocked and relieved to see that it worked. I was pleasantly surprised as well. They changed the design of the motor, so hopefully this one will last until the kids graduate college. Now, if I could only fix that toilet paper holder…

I lost the other piece…



5 responses

24 09 2007

Dude! Amazing is all I can say! The toilet paper thing I can handle. Now I’m off to the store to get some fresh wings…

25 09 2007
Daddy Forever

Great job! I guess the car engine is next.

29 09 2007
Miss Behaving

how fabulously handy you are.
Well done, I am really impressed.

1 10 2007

I might consider bolts with butterfly brackets–hold that sucker on tight!

2 10 2007
mark - in my own defense

Problem is, I can’t find the other piece!

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