Saying goodbye to Pappy

1 10 2007

My mom’s husband died in an accident last week.  People ask “so he’s your stepdad?” and the answer is “not really.”  They got married when I was nineteen, so he wasn’t so much of a father figure as he was a companion for my mother.  But he was Pappy to my kids.  Being three (sometimes four) hours away, we didn’t get to see them as much as we’d liked.  And when we did see them, of course the visits were too short.  We’d just had dinner with them at my sister’s house a few short days before the accident.

Pappy’s youngest daughter gave a very moving tribute to him during the funeral service.  This past weekend I saw a family devastated by tragedy celebrating the life of their patriarch.  It’s funny how everybody in the family (myself included) has their own impersonation of his booming voice.  I can honestly say that if I’m as beloved by my family at age 75 as he was I’ll be a very happy man.




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2 10 2007

I don’t think your being beloved by your family at 75 will be much of an issue for you Mark. You are like a brother to me when I visit (and even when I’m not there), always going out of your way for me. You are the same with Aliyah; nothing is ever too much. And to Karen and the boys you are an excellent husband and father! So keep doing what you are doing and you’ll be fine!

I was very surprised and even more saddened to hear of his passing. Not because I knew him well, cause truth be told I think I only met him once, but because, in that one meeting, he impressed me as a very genuine person. You know, the same way you always make me feel welcome in your home, he did in his. I guess that’s a family thing then!

I tried calling you on Friday but your mobile was off. I suspected that it was a difficult time for the family but rest assured you were in my thoughts and prayers.

2 10 2007

Mark, so sorry for your loss.

2 10 2007

Oh so sorry for your family’s loss. Our deepest sympathies are headed your way.

3 10 2007
Daddy Forever

Mark, I’m so sorry about you losing Pappy.

6 10 2007
Miss Behaving

I am sorry for you and your family, and your boys losing their Pappy.
I bet one day one of them will come right out and say something about Pappy’s booming voice and you’ll know the memories live on…..

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