7 10 2007

I really mean well. Really I do, but here we have another example of what I thought was a great idea turning on me.

Your kid signs up for soccer. You think two things, right? Shin guards and cleats. That’s what he needs. Isaac has had cleats since he was five playing U6 soccer for the AYSO. So when Jonathan was getting ready for his first soccer practice I went out and got him shin guards and cleats, and his very own blue soccer ball. They make soccer shoes very narrow for some reason, and Jonathan has wide feet. That plus that equals we had to buy cleats for him that were a half size too long. That’s okay, they look great.

stylin in those nikes!

Then he gets out to the soccer field. Wouldn’t you know it, his uniform is black and red, just like his new cleats. Way cool, Daddy’s the hero! Celebrate!

Hi there.  I play soccer.

But there’s just one problem. Jonathan is four years old. The cleats are a half size too big. They play on grass in a very uneven field. Figured it out yet? Well, let’s just say that sometimes he has trouble lifting those cleats out of the grass, with the result being he falls over.

At least there aren’t any rocks in the field.




6 responses

7 10 2007

Oh, yay, his uniform is Odds colours!

He must look so cute trying to run in those cleats.

7 10 2007
mark - in my own defense

You mean falling. Yes, he’s very cute.

8 10 2007

Cleats? I assume those are the shoes…which we call “tuggs” in Trinidad. And no, I am not sure if my spelling is accurate!

But you know, in Trinidad I played football at school for years and never used shin guards or cleats! Sheesh, boys in the states really don’t have much “boy days”. How can you build up your resistance to pain if you never bruise your shin! 😉

9 10 2007

Jonny looks very mean and intimidating in that photo. Even if he can’t run, I’m sure he gets the other team quaking in their shoes!

10 10 2007

Just be glad you’re not in Canada. Cleats and shin guards are way cheaper than a complete set of hockey gear that the dear little pet will have grown out of completely by next season.

10 10 2007
Daddy Forever

If you shoot a video, you can show it to Jonathan when he’s older and tell him he use to be a klutz.

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