The next lesson will cover the Immaculate Reception

14 10 2007

Last weekend Isaac and I made an overnight trip to go see the Steelers play the Seahawks.  We stayed with my sister Saturday night and drove to the game Sunday morning.  We parked across the river and rode the boat across to the stadium. Isaac was impressed at how big it was. We entered the stadium at Gate A. Our seats, however, were in Beaver Falls.

we had to walk this far

Isaac got a cool face tattoo. Then we decided we’d find some food and, more importantly, water. Say hello (or goodbye) to twenty bucks:

that’s right, 20 bucks

Then we made our way slowly to our seats. It was a long walk.  We got there a minute into the second quarter. Did I say it was hot? Holy cow, it must have been 95 degrees. We sat there for ten minutes. Isaac was dripping with sweat, so I suggested we find somewhere shady to watch the game. Isaac also got to see the Super Bowl trophies and the Great Hall.

Isaac in the great hall

I knew going in that I wasn’t going to see a lot of football. It turned out to be more of a sightseeing trip than anything. That was cool, we had a great time.

We won!

When the score went to 21-0 we headed back for the boat.  We left the game and went straight home. Poor kid zonked out on the ride home.  He walked all day long without complaining.

ride home

Isaac’s favorite animal is the tiger, so last year he told me he likes the Bengals. Well, going to that game last week changed everything. He now bleeds Black and Gold. Monday he didn’t have school (Columbus Day), and he printed out some coloring pictures that he then hung above his bed.

He’s now a Steeler fan

That week he drew a picture at school that says “Daddy! I like you because you watch football.”

…and now his teacher knows it.

Mission accomplished.



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14 10 2007
Daddy Forever

Cool! Like father, like son. Normally, there’s nothing wrong with being a Bengals fan — assuming there are any left this season.

15 10 2007
Miss Behaving

food and drinks…….. 20 bucks.
father and son smiles….priceless.

15 10 2007

Fantastic – glad you guys had a good time, and that Isaac now understands the import of the black and gold. He and Ian can play on offense together in 20 years or so. Isaac can be the wide receiver, and Ian, well, Ian belongs on the 0-line.

15 10 2007

Love it…Glad you had a good time. It’s about making the memories. As far as the black and gold, gotta start them early. Caleb already marches around in his jersey singing, “Here we go Steelers, here we go.” and his favorite (and mine…) “Here we go…Steelers…here we go. Pittsburgh’s goin’ to the Superbowl.” He gets the nice deep bass going. VERY funny. Some may call it brainwashing. I call it necessity of survival in this territory.

15 10 2007

Nice photos. I was watching on TV when the immaculate reception happened. A 4th and 20 desperation pass. At 1st it looked like the game was over and it was a batted down pass; all of a sudden Franco Harris is running down the sideline and the announcer is going wild. The actual catch had to be seen from a seperate camera; the pass was batted out of the picture by the Raiders. Harris scooped the ball off his shoe tops and ran until he had made history. Later history evened the score, when the Raiders won the “holly roller game”. That’s another story for another time.
The Sultan on Sports


15 10 2007

Sorry. I meant Holy Roller game. The Holly Roller game was on the playboy channel.

15 10 2007

I loved that story, it reminded me of when my dad took me to my first even NFL game. I was five, and the Steelers were beating the raiders 56-7. With four minutes left my dad made us leave and I kept asking “why are we leaving? its not over” and my dad would say “trust me, its over” and i didnt understand. It wasnt until a few years later where I understood what a blowout was haha

16 10 2007

Excellent artwork!!! Tell Isaac a pro artist said so.

17 10 2007

I love this story. Makes me wish we lived in a bigger city so there was a pro sports team handsome hubby and my Isaac could go blow huge amounts of money on.

27 10 2008
It was an educational trip « Mark Ruins Dinner

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