The Halloween tax

1 11 2007

Who loves Halloween the most?  Is it the kids, the parents, the candy makers?  Personally I think it’s the dentists.  Just look at last night’s takings for my two trick or treaters:

baaaad for them gooood for me

Do you really think they should be eating all that candy?  Not me.  It’s bad for their teeth, it’s bad for their health, it’s bad for anything breakable in the house.  That’s why we have the Halloween tax at our house.  The Halloween tax is taken from the loot while the kids are at school or sleeping (or otherwise engaged during the day).  The first things to go are peanut butter cups, and Mom and Dad race to see who can claim them first.  Then we calmly pick through the remains to see what else catches our fancy.  I say “we.”  It’s mostly me.

So yes, I graze on my kids’ Halloween takings.  I suppose that makes me evil.  Dr. Evil to you.



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2 11 2007

We have Mommy and Daddy tax at our house. We get first dibbs. They can eat the ring pops and popcorn balls. Although, the loot at my house is, I think, 10 times what your kids got. Filled up a shopping bag, and each of them still had a bucket full. We will have Halloween candy until the 4th of July.

2 11 2007
mark - in my own defense

We didn’t go through the whole neighborhood. Just up and down our block and the next block over.

4 11 2007
Daddy Forever

Glad it’s not just me. I go for the peanut butter cups too!

7 11 2007
Michele B

Yes I think I have already eaten more Halloween candy then both of the girls combined. Of course I already get all the peanut butter candy since both are allergic to peanuts and B doesn’t care for pb. But worse neither of my picky girls likes anything except plain chocolate – dark and milk. This leaves way too much tempting candy available for the only real sweet tooth in the family – yours truly.

9 02 2008
Tim Slagle

That’s too funny! Here’s a Halloween Tax bit I’ve been doing for years:

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