8 11 2007

the victim

I killed Karen’s computer. Well, technically it was my computer, but in our house Karen gets all the cool electronics and I get what’s left over. Karen confiscated my laptop when our other computer started doing this:

secret hypnosis machine

This is what I stare at every day. I have no idea what my blog really looks like. It took me several months to be able to look at the screen without getting a headache. Karen still can’t do it. My in-laws have visited and they steer clear of this thing. I’m sure they all get together and laugh at me for having such a suck computer. And seeing that picture on this monitor makes is look worse.

Anyway, looking at my laptop is like taking a step back in time. Perhaps the same year I bought it several technologies went obsolete. The parallel port:

remember these?

The serial port:

RS232, baby!

The floppy drive:

1.41MB and loving it!

The hard drive on this laptop started giving problems back in the spring. If you let it shut down all the way it wouldn’t always start back up. But once it got going it was fine. Monday it quit for good. I often had visions of someone breaking into our house and stealing it, only to get it to the pawn shop DOA. It still makes me laugh. There is a sense of security in knowing that there’s nothing in your house worth stealing.

What I really want is an iMac. I grew up in the days of the Apple II, and I’ve always wanted to go back. But the real reason I want a Mac is that their commercials are way cool. I think I look like the “I’m a Mac” guy. I’ll be posting more praise for OS X later, in the hopes that Apple will give me one for free because of all the publicity I’m giving them.



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9 11 2007
Miss Behaving

My laptop died a few months ago and since I got it going again with a reformatt it hasn’t been the same and i am operating with what we might call a skeleton staff. I am hoping The Man will come through for my birthday, but I am so swayed by the imac, and I have never even used a Mac but there is just something way cool about it. Please someone talk me out of it.

9 11 2007
Daddy Forever

Looks like a monitor problem on your old pc. I assume you have already played with all the buttons on the monitor. You can actually get a monitor for little money (unless you want one those flat screen monitor).

My first computer was an Apple 2e and I do like Macs better, but I’m not willing to pay extra. My computer is old too. It’s on Windows 2000, which doesn’t seem to be supported by Microsoft anymore.

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