Daddy, why does my dinner glow in the dark?

11 11 2007

I’ve made Mario Batali’s tomato sauce before.  Actually I’m pleased with how easy it is, and it tastes really good.  These days I’ll make a batch and what I don’t use I’ll freeze into little tomato-sicles for easy parceling later.

One of the steps in making the tomato sauce is to add half of a medium sized carrot, finely grated.  And you’re supposed to saute it with the onions and garlic.  The carrot is supposed to combat the acidity of the tomatoes.  Well, on Saturday I made a double recipe.  So I doubled everything in the recipe.  Maybe I didn’t let it brown long enough, maybe I shouldn’t have put in a whole carrot, maybe the carrot was just too big.  Sunday night Karen made a casserole with my tomato sauce, and it was orange.

So that’s how kraft makes their products such weird colors!

Doesn’t that one piece of penne look like a finger? It wasn’t just any orange, though.  This looked inspired by the 1988 Denver Broncos’ uniforms.   We’ll call it “Elway Orange.”  It sounds better than “Uranium 238 Orange.”

Gratuitous football reference!

And in case you’re wondering why the Steelers won this week, you’ll find out on Karen’s blog.  Ben’s support for the team was pivotal, and he’ll be wearing that for every game from here on out.



6 responses

12 11 2007

You really are one strange man. LOVED the black and gold hearing aids.

12 11 2007
mark - in my own defense

Yeah, call me strange. Blogging about it didn’t feel half as strange as eating it.

14 11 2007
Daddy Forever

I was rooting for the Browns. You have to admit, they are better this year. Might even make the playoffs. Too bad they can’t play defense.

14 11 2007
mark - in my own defense

I’ll be cheering for the Browns this week. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Ravens went 0-6 in the division this year?

14 11 2007

Yes, yes it would. I don’t know that I can actually cheer for the Browns, though, without upchucking.

18 11 2007
Michele B

I actuallly love the color – Emma and Nell would eat this up regardless of the taste – it’s just too cool to eat something that’s the color of orange fluorescent crayons.

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