Do buffaloes have wings?

2 12 2007

The local grocery store sold Karen a rancid chicken on Saturday. It was a seven pounder destined for the table of a family in our church, so while Karen set about making the other preparations I returned the offending bird and got a replacement chicken:

what a blog post this will make…

Did you catch it? Look at the picture again. Yes, friends, that’s not a chicken. It was right next to the Purdue broilers, but that is most definitely a breast of turkey. Karen said “That’s not a chicken!” To this I replied “What?! Of course it’s a chicken!” After cursing I went back a second time and got a real chicken. It probably would have been easier to raise my own at this point. I suppose this raises the question of how I can cook a chicken if I don’t know what one looks like.

Suddenly I have something in common with Jessica Simpson…



2 responses

2 12 2007

It’s times when this sort of thing happens to me that I wish I had a wife to catch my mistakes! Your blog is hilarious! Glad Cynical Dad had you on his blogroll… and now you’re on mine. Funny stuff…

5 12 2007

Funny. My wife will tell you she didn’t recognize a turkey when she was selecting a husband.

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