Playing in the snow

10 12 2007

Do you know how long it takes to get a kid ready to go play in the snow? Last year Jonathan spent a total of 10 minutes outside playing in the snow. We’d spend 10 minutes getting him into his snow pants, snow boots, coat, hat, gloves, and scarf, and he’d be out there until about the count of three. He didn’t like the cold, the wind, the snow falling on his face, nothing. So this year the question was how long Jonathan would stay outside and play. Isaac almost answered that question quickly. As soon as Jonathan stepped outside into the yard Isaac dumped a shovel full of snow on his head. I hadn’t even gotten my camera out yet, and I was furious. Imagine what a great picture that would have been. I told Isaac and Jonathan not to throw snowballs at each other (Jonathan’s no good at it), but to throw snow at my car instead. I’ve had better ideas.

poor innocent car never hurt nobody

I then got out the sled. After Isaac went down the “hill” a couple times Jonathan said he wanted to try. Isaac held the sled still while he got on and then gave him a shove to get him going.

ready, I won’t push too hard honest

While I was outside taking pictures of those two I found my morning newspaper in the yard.

no tip for you

For some reason Isaac kept picking up snow and eating it. We have dogs in our neighborhood, so I told them to only eat snow that’s falling from the sky. Here’s Isaac trying his best.

after sledding

Through all of this, Ben stayed warm and comfy inside, wondering what had gotten into his brothers today.

staying warm thank you



7 responses

10 12 2007

I’m with Ben on this one. Snow is for looking at and sleeping through.

10 12 2007
Daddy Forever

Can you send some snow our way? The snow isn’t sticking this year. We just have floods and mud this year.

Sorry about the NE game. It was close for a half.

10 12 2007

Very funny! Your blog kills me. We got two days of snow in Reno – I’ve got girls and they are much more … dainty with their snow activities. But they still take forever to get their snow gear on. I think they only go out just to come in and get hot chocolate. The four year old sticks her empty cup in my face and mutters, “how about seconds?” I told her it was nap time.

11 12 2007

How about we trade for a few days? We’re getting record highs of 80 degrees this week. It sure doesn’t feel like December. In fact I want to try that soup recipe from the weekend but this is NOT soup weather.

11 12 2007
mark - in my own defense

Thank you for that comment Bennie. All of us northerners feel really bad for you in your unseasonably warm weather. Keep it up and Karen won’t come home from work one day.

12 12 2007

Gosh, I wish we lived closer together. Wouldn’t all the boys have a blast having a massive cousin snow ball fight? If it were the B’s vs. the G’s, on whose side would my eldest son play? (And if a tree farts in the forest does anybody smell it?).

12 12 2007
mark - in my own defense

um, NO! Jonathan would have hated it. Do you remember the sprinkler this summer? He doesn’t like getting hit with snowballs. That’s why I had them attack my poor defenseless minivan.

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