I love global warming

8 01 2008

If the environmentalists can promise me mid-60’s weather every January then I’m buying a Hummer this year.

So it was warm and Jonathan has been driving me crazy lately, so I decided to take him to the park to run off some steam. We had a great time, but something has changed.

look ma, it’s a leaf

We were there during school hours, so he was one of the oldest kids there. It was the first time I had to tell him to “watch out for the little kids” so he didn’t knock them over. It was surreal watching him with the toddlers and other preschoolers. I’m used to him being the kid brother, the tag-along, but he really is growing up.

hamming it up

I’ve spent all this time daydreaming about what it will be like in September when he starts all-day kindergarten (mmmm, quiet), but I think it’s really going to be weird not having him around.

hydrocarbon emissions! YAY!

Since Ben will always be with us I suppose I look at Jonathan as the baby of the family, the one who shouldn’t be allowed to grow up but who does anyway. It’s tough to imagine him going off this year in uniforms and backpack to school.



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8 01 2008

those are some really great portrait shots

8 01 2008

Did Aliyah tell you that I had a real conversation with Jonathon earlier today? Among the very interesting facts I gathered was that he ate fruit loops (or was it fruit O’s) this morning because “Mommy did not prepare anything healthy” LOL.

He is growing up so fast…..I’m sure Auntie Rhoda will miss him being around when next we visit!

11 01 2008

Fantastic shots of Jonny. I can’t believe how big he is getting. I have to tell you,one of my favorite things about your blog is the names you give your pictures. I found them accidentally the first time, but they are a hoot! At times better than the actually blog. 🙂

12 01 2008

Hey…thanks Dawn. I had NEVER noticed that before….but you’re right, it does compliment the blog well. Now I have the task to go back and read through all of those “comments”.

16 01 2008
Daddy Forever

I’m going to miss my son too next Fall. At least kindergarten is only 2.5 hours here.

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