I guess I should take those weather warnings seriously

17 01 2008

The Weather Channel’s website has been calling for snow every day this week, so why should I believe them today?  Okay, maybe not every day this week, but they’ve certainly been crying wolf this month.  But it snowed today and we got a couple inches.  No big deal, no early dismissals or anything, but the boys wanted to play in the snow.  Actually Jonathan started asking to play in the snow while you could still see the grass.  I told him to wait until Isaac came home from school.  So he did – quite impatiently I might add.

Isaac came home from school and Jonathan assaulted him at the door.  Isaac wasn’t in the mood to play in the snow and asked if he could do it tomorrow after school instead.  “Um, I think it’s supposed to get warmer tomorrow, the snow may melt,” I told him.  So he changed his clothes and indulged his kid brother.  It didn’t take much doing, honestly.  But Jonathan was out the door before Isaac even had his clothes on.

They had a lot of fun (of course they did!).  Here’s a picture of Isaac throwing a snowball at Jonathan while Jonny gives him a target.

batter batter batter swing batter

A great time was had by all, and the best part was Isaac didn’t miss any school.



3 responses

19 01 2008

DUDE! all we have is cold weather. Snow would be nice right now

19 01 2008

Ironically enough, while you were playing outside with the little ones, a freshman and I dragged Aliyah out into the snow, too! She went tray sledding then decided she didn’t like having snow in her pants. (True story.)

21 01 2008
Daddy Forever

Looks like fun. I don’t think we’re getting snow this year. It’s finally cold enough, but no moisture. Just wind.

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